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Wizard Cards: 2
Secret Areas: 7
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Level 6: Hogwart's Grounds

Attend Professor Sprout's Herbology class located in the greenhouse
  • You begin the level at the entrance of Hogwarts. As you move forward, you will meet Hagrid, the gameskeeper. After a chat with him, turn to your right to a fountain. Use alohomora on the fountain to open the first secret area. Inside is a chest with a chocolate frog and beans. Return outside and follow the path to where you will find Hermione. She directs you to the greenhouse and stays to wait for Neville.

  • Enter the gateway and there you will see 3 entrances. Go through either the middle or the one on the right. Both lead to a statue. Hit the statue to get the beans. Go back and go to the left door. Save. Here you will find snails with thorns on their shells. You can stop them for a little while with the flipendo spell. On each side of the walls are switches you must hit to open the door to the next walkway. Wait until the snails pass or hit them with flipendo to get to the switch. Hit the switches on both side to open the door. Do this 3 times and save.

  • In the next area are some poisonous tentaculas. First go to the left and gets the goodies in the chest. Now go right and into the gateway. Here you will find the tentaculas. Since you don't know the spell to handle them, you must run by them. First, run by the first two, staying close to the left side. Get the goodies from the chest and run past another tentacula. Ahead are two entrances. Take the one straight ahead and you will come upon a statue. Hit the statue and use alohomora to open the second secret passage. Inside is a large statue. Hit it twice and it will toss out beans. Go back to where you were and go through the second entrance. Turn right and run past two more tentaculas (Beware of some of them because some snap more than once. First watch and see how many times they attack. Some may attack only once, while others may attack three times). Grab the goodies from the chest and run past the 3rd tentacula. There will be a gargoyle to your right. Hit it to open the 3rd secret area. Once inside, go either right or left, as they will both' end up to the same place. Hit the chest. Now notice the hedge in front of you. While there is grass all around, there is part of the hedge that has pavement. Those types of hedges can be moved. Hit the hedge to open to another secret area. In there is a bridge and ahead is another movable hedge. Hit it and 3 gnomes will attack. Rid yourself of them and enter. The hedge will close after a little while so you must open it again. There are two chests inside. After getting the goodies, return back to the statue which you used to open the secret area. Now go right. Run past two tentaculas. Now you have a choice of going to the greenhouse. One way will get you there easily, while the other takes a while, but you also get some goodies along the way.

  • Short Way:After running past the plants, you will reach an area with a fountain. Use wingardium leviousa to move the block onto the fountain. This opens the gate behind you. Run back past the two tentaculas and turn left. There is another tentacula. You can just avoid it or you can try to get the chocolate frog behind it. Keep going and you will reach the gate you just opened. Walk forward and you will reach the greenhouse (***).

  • Long Way: This is a longer way, but you get alot of things, plus find several secret areas. The area where there is fountain, there is also a movable hedge. After getting past the two tentaculas, you will be able to see the movable hedge. To the right of the hedge is the fountain. Open the hedge. Inside you will see a bean to your right. Go there and you will see a chest. Return back and keep moving forward, avoiding the tentaculas. Hit the statue and it will open a secret area. Inside is another large statue. Hit it and collect the beans. Return to the previous area and turn left. As you go a bit forward, you can see another movable hedge to your left. Hit it and enter, avoiding the tentacula. Inside is a chest. Turn right and keep running. The end of the hedge will move. You will return to the statue you just hit. Go left again and this time, turn right. Turn left and you will reach the greenhouse.

  • (***) As you go closer, Fred and George Weasley come out of the ground and give you a wizard card (8/25) if you have 25 beans for them. DO NOT ENTER THE GREENHOUSE IF YOU WANT ANOTHER CARD! To the left of the greenhouse is a chest. Now go to the right of the greenhouse and you will be able to see a movable hedge at the corner of the wall. Open it and run through. In there will be 2 statues. Hit them both and a wizard card (9/25) will appear. Now return back to the front of the greenhouse and enter. Level Complete.

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