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Wizard Cards: 3
Secret Areas: 3

Level 5: Second Floor Landing

Attend Herbology with Professor Sprout. The Greenhouse is through the Main Entrance
  • Begin the game by knocking a cauldron behind you on the left side. Then hit the chest to your right. On the left side is a mirror above the bookcases. Climb the bookcases and open the mirror. Inside you will find a Wizard Card (5/25). Climb out and move forward. In the middle of the next room is a chocolate frog. As you touch it, Peeves will come out and attack. This is an extremely easy boss. Just stay close to him and everytime he is visible, hit him with the flipendo spell. After 3-4 hits, he will leave. Now go down the stairs and meet Fred and George. Give them 25 beans and they will give you a wizard card (6/25). Now go to your right, where you will meet Crabbe and Goyle. After threatening you a bit, they will run inside the door. Hit the witch statue 4 times, plus a chest. Return back to the stairs and hit the painting on the right side. Go to the other side of the hallway, where you will meet Neville, who shows you his Remembrall. Now turn right and in front of you is a mirror. Unlock it and inside will be a chest with another wizard card (7/25). Return back and turn left. You will be in the main entrance of the castle. Save game. Go down the stairs, and you will meet Malfoy. In order to end the level, you must defeat him.
  • He will throw exploding crackers at you. Your job is to pick the crackers off the floor and throw them at him. He throws 2 types of crackers. One takes a while to explode, while the other explodes immediately. Avoid the ones that blow up immediately. After 3-4 hits, he will leave. Now go through the entrance door. Level Complete.