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Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas: 1
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Level 7: Incendio Challenge

Complete the spell lesson and collect challenge stars
  • Complete Professor Sprout's lesson and learn the Incendio Spell: ability to disarm plants. Now it is time for the Incendio Challenge.

  • You will enter a room full of spiky bushes. Follow Professor Sprouts instrutions in order to get rid of it. Be Careful! If you get too close, it will shoot out spikes. Also, when you use the spell, it will also shoot out spikes, so be cautious. The spiky bushes to your left are hiding a chest and the bushes to the right are hiding a switch. Get rid of them and hit the switch to open the door. As you do, three gnomes will come at you. Rid yourself of them and continue on. Hit a cauldron on your way. Save. In the next room is a poisonous tentacula plus spiky bushes at every corner. Hit all the spiky bushes to get the hidden chests. Then hit the tentacula to open the door. (Unlike the spiky bush, the tentacula is only affected by the spell for a very short period of time). Collect the first challenge star.

  • Run ahead and hit the bookcase to your right. Then hit the switch that is behind it. This will lower the tree in the middle of the room to reveal a secret area. Go down the stairs and below are two gnomes. After ridding of them, a wizard card (10/25) will appear. Also, collect the second challenge star from the desk and return back to the previous room. Save.

  • Open the locked door. Inside there is a student who is concerned about some vines attacking a tree. A doxy comes and attacks the student. She runs and the doxy comes to you. Hit it and then go to where the vines are. Be careful as to not step on the vines below. Hit all the vines and the tree branches will lower. Climb onto the branch with the chocolate frog. Continue to jump onto the other branches and collect the 3rd challenge star.

  • Climb down and open the locked door on the other side of the room. Two doxies attack. Hit them and a cauldron and continue on. Save. In the next room is a large tree. Jump to the ledge and follow the arrow. Jump to the next ledge, avoiding the tentacula. Now hit the tentacula and run down the stairs before it wakes up. Go into the opening of the tree and it will take you to another part of the tree. Run up the stairs and follow the arrows. Hit the switch to let a part of the ledge ahead of you move. Jump onto it and jump into the doorway with the 4rth challenge star. Save.

  • In the next room are 4 gnomes. Also, to your left are several spiky bushes. Behind them is a chest. In the middle of the room are several plants that need watering. Notice on the opposite sidethere is a switch behind a locked cage. On the right side of the room is another room with 3 blocks. Levitate them onto the plates and this will begin watering the plants, plus open the locked cage. Hit the switch and it will begin rotating the plants, plus open the next door. Collect the 5th challenge star. Level Complete.

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