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Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas: 4

Level 15: Lumos Challenge

Collect the challenge stars
  • Begin by learning the lumos spell. This will light a gargoyle mostly to make invisible plates to appear. Complete the lesson and begin the challenge. Follow Quirells instructions and use the spell on the gargoyle. This will create a plate in the chasm. You may now cross it and collect the first challenge star.

  • Go through the doors and enter the next area. To your left and right side are vases, plus a chest in the end of the room. On each side of the room is also two closed gates, plus two switches. Hit the switch on your left and enter. Hit the gargoyle and go to the right side of the room. Hit switch and enter. Hit the gargoyle, which will make a staircase up. Climb up and jump the gap to the second challenge star.

  • Get goodies from chest and hit the next gargoyle. Save game. Run on the plates that were created. Before you enter the doorway with the star, look ahead of you. There is a stain glass window. Hit it to reveal a room with a wizard card (17/25). Now go back and go into the doorway and collect the 3rd challenge star.

  • Go into the next room. To your left is a vase. To your right is a block and a plate. Levitate the block onto the plate and the door in front of you will open, containing a gargoyle. Light it up and go on the moving plate it creates. Now go until you see another gargoyle. Light it and turn left. Pass the gap by the plate you created to the next gargoyle. Light it and hit the switch to open the door on your left side. Go out this door and go to your left. Climb onto the plate you created and jump onto the doorway with the save book. Now you enter a room with the 4rth challenge star.

  • As you get the star, all the exits close. You know what is coming next. The pesky Peeves has returned. Do the same thing you did previously and he will leave you. Explore this area. There are two doorways. To the left, is a chocolate frog and a secret area. The door straight ahead is the way out. Enter the door and light the statue. This will create a light plate. Jump onto it and jump to the dorr on the left. As soon as you land, a doxy will attack. Get rid of it and light the statue. Now return to the moving light plate and jump to the right. The statue that you just hit has made a light plate on this side. This plate leads to Nearly Headless Nick's resting place. You don't need to go there yet, but remember this area, as you will be returning to it shortly. To your right, there are 2 vases and a chocolate frog. After getting those, continue forth and you will enter a room with 2 chests. After getting all the goodies, go into the next area. Be careful, as another doxy appears. Go to your left and jump to the circular landing in the next area. Collect 5th challenge star.

  • Jump again to the room beyond, which has a slytherin student, who apparently is lost. Don't worry about him though. To your left is a chocolate frog and a chest. After getting those, go to your right and hit the locked door with your spell. Inside the room, there is a switc that will cause a bridge to appear in a previous room. Return to the area where Nearly Headless Nick was and go onto the the light plate. You will see him, so go to your left and you will see the bridge. Go straight across and light the statue. Now go back and go to the right entrance from the bridge. From here, before you jump onto the light plate, go to either side corners of the room to collect goodies. Now, jump onto the plate, and let it take you to the entrance to the next room. There, you will meet Professor Quirell. Level Complete. Level Complete.

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