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Wizard Cards: 2
Secret Areas: 2

Level 16: Second Floor Landing

Find Professor Snape's Potion Classroom, located in the Dungeon
  • You have entered the great hallway. Go to your right and use your spell on the mirror. Enter the first secret area and go down. There will be a locked door at the bottom. Use alohomora and open the door. Inside are 2 gnomes. Get rid of them, and then collect goodies from the chest. Return to the hallway.

  • Go to the hallway from where you entered and turn right. As you walk ahead, you will meet Fred and George, who are hiding behind a portrait of Quirell. Give them 25 beans, and they will give you a wizard card (18/25). After getting that, notice the two other portraits opposite the one that Fred and George were. The portrait to the right is another secret area. Use alohomora to open the portrait and get all the goodies inside. Now, go either left and right, and follow the hallways down to the staircase. You will see Ron there, who will warn you that you are late for potions. DO NOT FOLLOW RON YET!

  • Go down the staircase and turn to your left. On the left side of the staircase, there is a trunk with another wizard card (19/25). Collect it and then go through the doors that Ron went through. Level Complete.