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As before, due to the shortness of the level, there are two levels added into this section.

Wizard Cards: 0
Secret Areas: 0

Level 13: Quidditch [Gryffindor vs. Slytherin]

Catch the golden snitch
Fairly simple. All you have to do is follow the snitch around. At the bottom of the screen is a meter to how close you are to catching it. The closer and longer you stay with it, the higher the meter will go. When it is full, quickly (and i mean quickly) press [ctrl] or you will have to do it all over again (which is extremely annoying). You can follow the snitch by following the hoops it leaves behind, but that annoying thing is always zig zagging around, its kinda hard. But you will get it. Watch out for other players and the bludgers. Always listen to the commentator, Lee Jordan. He will warn you when a bludger is approaching. Quickly dodge it and return to follow the snitch. Once caught, level complete.


Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas:4

Level 14: Hogwarts Main Entrance

Attend Defense Against the Dark Arts Class with Professor Quirells, located on the third floor

Time to explore! Check every corner for things. You begin the level in the main entrance. Meet Hermione. Then go up the staircase. Keep going until you enter the area where you previously battled Peeves. As you approach this area, you will see Fred and George sneak into the room ahead. Now look around you. There are three different areas that you can explore.

Left Side: Go to the left side first. There, you should find a chest and 2 cauldrons.

Ahead: Next, go to the room where Fred and George were headed. When you enter, the two will enter from the fireplace. Give them 25 beans and they will give you a wizard card (16/25). Before leaving, look to the other side of the room. There are 3 glass cases and a painting there. Hit the middle glass case and a switch will be behind it. Hit the switch to open the painting. Inside is a chest full of beans. Return to the previous room.

Right Side:Now go to the right side. You will enter a hallway. Go into the first entrance to your right. You have entered the library. Now look to your right. There should be one bookcase there. Hit it and it will open to reveal a chest. Now go farther down to the end of the library. There you will see a carpet, and a glass case. Hit the glass case to reveal a switch. Hit the switch, which will lower the carpet. It will take you down to a chest. On the opposite side is a switch to raise the carpet. After that, leave the library and continue forth. Hit the vase on the way. Now you will enter an area with a save book. This entrance will lead to the 3rd floor, but do not enter! To your right is an armor. Hit it and it will open to a secret area. Go down and you will enter a room with 5 gnomes and a chest. After getting rid of them and getting the goods from the chest, return to the previous area. Save game and climb the stairs. As you reach the top, you see Snape leaving the forbidden corridors, limping. Ron comes from behind you and tells you he hears growls from the corrifor. Hermione arrives and they go to class. Level Complete.

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