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Wizard Cards: 2
Secret Areas: 8

Level 12: Fireseed Caves

Cellect Fireseeds

Cut Scene: Hagrid congratulates Harry on getting on the Quidditch team and takes him into the hut. He shows him a dragon's egg that he got. He needs Harry to get some fireseeds for it.

Go through the open gates. Be Careful. A doxy will come from the right. Get rid of it and get the chest. Continue on to an area with two snails. Get past them and you will reach an area with a waterfall. To the left is a hidden chest. Get it and go right. You are now in the caves. A doxy will attack you as you approach. Hit it and enter. Go to the opposite side of the room and climb onto the ledges. Nowlook to your left. You can see that this is a movable wall. Go to it and use alohomora to open it. There will be a chest. Now go to the other side and enter the next area. You are now behind the waterfall you just saw when you were outside. Before entering the next area. Notice that below the first snail is a lower ledge. Climb down it and get chest. Return and go to the next room. Jump the gaps to the ledge with the save book. Save Game.

Now hit the wheel that is in front of you. This will open the door to your left. You will enter a small hallway before the next room. Look to your right. There will be another movable wall. Hit and go inside. Jump the gaps, avoiding the snail. Hit the chest and the wheels again to open the door. You will return to the previous room. This time run ahead. You will come to an area with some ledges you must climb. When you get to the last one, DO NOT ENTER! Use your mouse to view down, where the water is. You will see a lower ledge. Climb down and into a cave. Inside will be a wizard card (14/25). Hit the switch to lower the tree trunk in the middle of the room. Get onto it and it will take you to a higher area. Get the chocolate frog and exit the area.

Hit the tree trunk and cross. Jump to the save game book. Save and move on. Hit the boulder blocking you. Hit it twice to reveal another secret area, containing a chest. Return and on both sides there will be boulders. Knock them both. Behind one are some goodies, and the other is the way out. Hit another boulder, and you will reach the first fireseed plant. Use flipendo to get 3 fireseeds. BE CAREFUL! When the seeds pop out, they are still hot. Let them cool and then collect them (If you want the second wizard card, you must collect all 21 seeds).

After collecting the seeds, a door should open for you. Approach cautiously, as a doxy will attack. Get rid of it and then continue on, hitting a chest on the way. In the next room, jump to the ledge on your left. Save. Jump two more ledges until you approach a waterfall. Behind it is another fireseed plant. Collect the seeds. Return and continue jumping the gaps until you come to another waterfall. Behind it is another fireseed plant. Also, there is another movable wall behind the plant, containing a chest. Return back to the ledges and continue on. In the next area, the arrow points to the right. But if you look to your left, you will see another fireseed plant. Collect the seeds and now follow the arrow. Hit the boulder and you will enter a room with a turtle. Go to your right and climb up. In the next room are more tentaculas . Go to your left. Opposite the tentaculas is another movable wall. Hit it and enter. Inside is a chest with a chocolate frog and beans. Go forward and hit the wheel to open the door. You will be back in the room with the turtle. Go back to where the tentaculas were and keep going. In the next room is another fireseed plant. Collect seeds and move on. Go past some more tentaculas and save game. In the next room, you will notice some stalactites. Hit them so they drop. Now you have a walkway. As you get on the first ledge, you will see a fireseed plant inside. Collect seeds and look to your left. There is another room with a chest. Hit the stalactites and go into that room. Return and now hit the stalactites to your right. When you reach the ledge, enter the next room. There, you will meet an annoying turtle. Since you cant get past him, you must take an alternate route. To your left, you will find some blocks you can jump onto. Get past 2 snails and you will end up in a room with a chest and a wheel. Hit the wheels and go right. Turn right again and you will see another fireseed plant. Collect seeds and hit a boulder. Go down and you will be able to see Hagrids's hut. Approach him and if you collected all 21 fireseeds, he will give you a wizard card (15/25). Level Complete.