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Wizard Cards: 2
Secret Areas: 7

Level 11: Forest Edge

Find Hagrid's Hut
Cut Scene: Harry returns Remembrall to Neville. Professor Mcgonall approaches and appoints Harry the newest Quidditch player

Now you have to find Hagrid's hut. Run ahead and you will see a gate open. Inside, you will see a log. Run through it and jump the gap onto the ledge. Knock a log over that is blocking the way. Ahead is a turtle, which you can't hurt. But before going there. Look to your right. You will find a small opening. Inside is a chest. Keep going and you will reach a place with several snails and 2 doxies. Get past them and there will be another chest. Go back to where you were before. You must now go where the turtle is. To the right of the turtle is a low tree trunk. Climb it quickly, avoiding the turtle's fire. Keep climbing and you will reach an area with spiky bushes. Hit all of them and there will be a chest behind them. Now you have to jump some tree trunks. On one of them is a chest. Hit it and gets the beans. Follow the arrows and you will be fine.

In the next area, there are going to be several icky snails. Get by them, collect the chocolate frog, and save. Now ahead of you is a tree that has two different colors. These are trees that you can knock over. Hit it with flipendo. Be careful! This lets loose 3 doxies. Get rid of them and go across the log. Hit a chest and another log. Cross this and you will reach a series of logs around one big log. Go to the left, and you will find a secret area within the large log. Inside is a chest. Now go right and jump onto the ledge. Save game.

To your right are some spiky bushes. Hit them to reveal a switch. Hit the switch and it will rotate the log on your right side. Cross the log. Hit two spiky bushes and a couple of tentaculas. Now you will come upon 3 snails. These snails open a secret area. Hit all three, making sure none of them are moving, and it will open up a secret area. Climb up the ledge that has been made for you. Hit the spiky bushes and keep going until you arrive at a chest with a wizard card (12/25). Now go back to the area with the three snails. To the left of them are spiky bushes, which are hiding a chest and another secret area. Hit them and to the right is a chest, and to the left is the secret area. Inside is a chest. Keep going inside the cave and soom you will come into an area with a waterfall and chest with a wizard card (13/25). Now return to the 3 snails once more and continue on, and you will see Hagrid's hut. Level Complete.