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Bronze Wizard Cards: 0
Silver Wizard Cards: 0
Secret Areas: 3

Level 27: Chamber of Secrets I

Find your way through the Chamber of Secret to Ginny

You start in a circular room with ectoplasm blocking two openings. Be careful as there are firecrabs behind both of them. First go right, get rid of ectoplasm and stun the firecrab. Knock him into the hole ahead and return to the previous area. Now go through the left area, get rid of the ectoplasm and you will be face to face with a large firecrab. Stun him twice. Lumos gargoyle and run through opening into the third entrance. Be careful of firecrab to your right. To your left there will be a secret area with a chest. Now go back to the first area and use the spongify carpet to get to up. The grate will lower and it will take you to two levels. The first level has 2 chests with beans. Wait for the grate to come back and go to the lowest level. Now look at the ground and you will see 2 switches with flipendo symbol. Hit them to access small area to 2 cauldrons. Save your game.

Now cut the web and enter the next area. Stun the spiders in this room (i believe there are 5) and get the jars of flubberworm mucous and wiggentree bark. Get past ectoplasm, use carpet, and now fall to the next level. Now you will be in a long pathway with several blades. Get past them and save your game. Get chocolate frog. Be careful now. Some rocks will fall from the ceiling here so just move back a bit and you will be fine.

[short cutscene]

Your way is blocked by several large boulders so you need to get through another way. Look up and hit the stalactite with the flipendo symbol on the ceiling. Turn right and use spongify carpet to get to the upper level. Now run to the other end as the walls on both sides close in on you, BUT DO NOT JUMP OFF! Now turn around and to your left, there will be an opening (secret area) with chest. Now get down. Get rid of ectoplasm, cut web and turn right. Cut another web and get chest. Proceed and save your game. Get 2 cauldrons on either side of you.

Okee...this next area is HUGE with lots of enemies. The first thing to do is to run to your right, stunning any pixies that get in your way. There is a small area here with a gargoyle. Stun as many pixies as you can right now so that they wont bother you later. Lumos gargoyle and this will create an extra bit of ledge on the opposite side of the room. Use carpet to get to the other site. From here, you can stun the firecrab that is in the middle of the room, and quite a nuisance. Stun it and throw it off the ledge. Now continue until you get to another gargoyle. Repeat what you just did earlier to get to the other side. Now use another carpet to get to the upper level. Be careful as there are 3 annoying imps here. The easiest thing you can do is when you use the carpet, jump backwards so when the imps come at you, they will just fall into the hole that you came from and wont bother you. As for the rest, you can stun and throw them off the ledge. DO NOT GO ON THE GRATE IN THE CENTER! Instead, first cut the rope from here, and hit the switch in front of you. Go down and get the last secret area. Now spongify to the entrance that just opened. Hit the switch above to reveal 2 cauldrons. Watch out for a few falling rocks. Proceed and level is complete.