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Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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I think that the best thing about this version is that you can visit many of the levels more than once. So in case you miss something, you can always go back and get it. But do be careful because not all areas allow that.

Also, even though you will visit a certain level more than once, I will still post the levels as they appear in the game. So enjoy!

Please note: I have unfortunately not been able to find all the secret areas in one of the levels. If you notice something missing or information wrong, please do e-mail me. I wil definitely give you full credit. At the moment, I am unable to find the last secret area in the chamber of Secrets. I will be looking around again :)

I have finished the entire walkthroughs, but i do have a few sections that i need to fix. But mostly the entire walkthrough is there.

Alrighty...i have finished the entire walkthrough, yet have not been able to type it all up (which i am doing right now) The levels that are not up yet are:

o Gryffindor Challenge

o Whomping Willow (Tutorial)
o Hogwart Grounds (Night)
o Hogwarts School I
o DADA class
o Rictusempra Challenge
o Quidditch Practice
o Potion's class
o Skurge Challenge
o Hogwarts II
o Dungeon
o Hogwarts III
o Duel Club
o Hogwarts Grounds (Day)
o Diffindo Challenge
o Hogwarts Grounds II(Day)
o Greenhouse
o Hogwarts IV
o Moving Staircase
o Dungeon II
o A Bit of Goyle
o Slytherin Common Room
o Spongify Challenge
o Hogwarts Grounds II (Night)
o Forbidden Forest
o Aragog's Lair
o Moving Staircase II
o Chamber of Secrets I
o Chamber of Secrets II
o Final Battle
o Hogwarts VI

X-tra Levels
o Gold Card Challenge
o Gryffindor Challenge