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Bronze Wizard Cards: 0
Silver Wizard Cards: 3
Secret Areas: 0

Level 26: Moving Staircase

Find the remaining bit of items and go to Hospital Wing.

[ Harry is in the moving staircase area because Ron tells him that Hermione has been attacked. ]

Now is the time to collect all the remaining items in this area. Go down the stairs and use the carpet in the center. This will get you the silver card (38/40) on the top of the room. Now go up the the room with the locked door which you need the keys to open. Look to the left of this area before the room. There will be an entrance. Go in and use the spongify carpet to get another secret area. Now go up the the area with moaning myrtle's bathroom. Look to your right as soon as you pass Charm's class. There will be a segment of the wall that is darker than the rest. Hit it to open up to another secret area with a spongify carpet. It will take you to a chest with beans. Now go all the way up to the Hospital Wing. Before entering, look to your right. Hit the painting to open a small room with ectoplasm. Get rid of it and cut rope that was hidden by it. This will open a secret area on the opposite side of the room, as well as show a hidden spongify carpet. Use it to get to the other side, where there is a chest with a silver card (39/40). There is also another chest. Now return to the hospital wing.

- cutscene and level complete -

After cutscene, you must go to Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom. Before you go, return to the hospital wing and go up to Madam Pomprey's office. In the entrance, there will be a block on the ground that is different from all the others. Step on it to open a secret area near her desk. Use the carpet there to get up and get the final Silver Card (40/40). Now return to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. Level Complete.