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Bronze Wizard Cards: 1
Silver Wizard Cards: 0
Secret Areas: 0

Moving Staircase

As Goyle, go to the Slytherin Common Room

- cutscene -

You will start in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. Get chest in there containing a Bronze Card (36/50), and go down to the Dungeon. You will see a Slytherin boy running to the entrance of the Slytherin Dormitory. Follow him.



Bronze Wizard Cards: 3
Silver Wizard Cards: 2
Secret Areas: 8

Level 21: Slytherin Common Room

As Goyle, find Malfoy in the Slytherin Common Room

You will start in a circular room with many doors and a compass in the center. Step on it to open a passageway to your right. Get beans from armours. Hit the switch and jump down to the bottom level. Cut rope in the next room and get rid of 3 gnomes. Hit the 3 statues to elevate up. Again, in the next room, step on the compass to rotate the doors.

- cutscene -

You now have to find a way to keep the bridge up, and the only way to do that is with ectoplasm. Before you start that, look to your right. Hit the switch and save your game. Turn right and go into new passageway, which contains a chest. Hit the 3 face switches in this area to create a way to a chest in the nxt area. Go there, jump the ledges, and get chest with Silver Card (29/40). Now go back. You will notice a switch near the bridge, that makes it rise. Yet as soon as you get off of it, the bridge goes down. So you need to go find some ectoplasm. Look to your left, hit switch and jump across a few moving blocks. Enter the room and get rid of ectoplasm. Hit the flipendo switch to make ectoplasm fall onto the edge, where the bridge is. Light the gargoyle, and fall down to where you were. Stand on the switch, and this time the bridge will stay put because of the ectoplasm. Now go across. Get 2 cauldrons, as well as 2 pixies. Now there is one gargoyle in this area, and 3 walls that become invisible. Light the gargoyle, turn right and follow the moving railings into a secret area with some items. Return, and light the gargoyle again, turn left, but do not go through the entrance. Look below and you should see moving blocks. Quickly go down and you will find a secret area with 2 chests. The black one has beans, and the gold one has a Bronze Card (37/50). Go back up and light gargoyle again. Now run through the top invisible wall. You will be inside the Slytherin Common Room. To your left, you can hit the second painting. Inside, there are several large and small spiders. This pathway will lead you to the Slytherin library. Hit the flipendo spell to lower bookcase. Climb up, getting a chest with a Bronze Card (38/50). Now go out and go to the opposite side, where you will see a fountain. Hit it, and it will reveal a chest with a Bronze Card (39/50). Now go to the entrance of the common room. Look behind you and you will see a statue and 2 banners. Hit both banners to reveal a secret area with another Silver Card (30/40). In the common room, you will also find a jar of mucous and bark. Now go to the entrance of the boy's dormitory, and you will meet Malfoy.

- cutscene -

After talking to Malfoy, go to where you met Malfoy (which is to the boy's dormitory) and climb the stairs. Get the chest (which is counted as a secret area). Now leave the common room.

Now, get out of the common room and another cutscene ensues, where the potion wears off and Harry finds himself stuck in a rather nasty situation.

Now the best thing to do is hide and run if seen. I would recommend that you go to your left. Hide behind the pillars and wait. If you notice, the girl walking around this area goes in a certain pattern. As she walks back and forth, she always stands outside the room to the left for a few seconds, then walks off. Now wait until she goes into that room and walks out and away. Run quickly into that room and hide behind the door. Wait for her to come again, and when she leaves the room and walks the other way, run past her. With luck, you should avoid her. If not, RUN. Now you have a long hallway that you have to get through. I would just recommend you run like crazy to the exit. Just keep running when someone sees you and dont let them catch you or you will have to deal with Snape. You should be fine as long as you just keep that arrow key pressed. If students try to ambush you, manuever right and left to get away from them and just run through the doorway. Level Complete.