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Bronze Wizard Cards: 4
Silver Wizard Cards: 4
Secret Areas: 16

Level 22: Spongify Challenge

Complete challenge by collecting challenge stars and the completion star

Follow Hermione to Defense Against the Dark Arts Class, where you will learn Spongify. This will allow you to use carpets around the school to spring you up to great heights. After learning the spell, the challenge begins.

Follow the path until you reach the first carpet. Before going up, look below you. There are 2 gnome holes, meaning that there are 2 gnomes there as well. Get rid of them and get 2 cauldrons in the room. After getting rid of the gnomes, a wall should open up between the holes on the opposite side. In this opening, there should be a gargoyle. Light it and quickly run back to the carpet. Use spongify to spring you up to where the first star is. Before getting that however, turn to your right and you should see a secret area. Go there and you will find a chest with a Bronze Card (40/50). Now look to your right, and you will see a loose brick in the wall. Hit it to open to another secret area. Climb up and get chest with Silver Card (31/40). Now jump back to where you get the first challenge star.

Next room, you will meet an imp and a gnome. Stun them both and throw them into their holes, and a secret wall will open to your left, containing a chest with beans. In the next area, you will approach a carpet. DO NOT USE IT...unless you want to miss a star. Look to your left, and you should see some beans. Go there and get onto the ledge. Use spongify on that carpet to get to the other side. To your left, you will notice that the wall is a little darker. Hit it to open up to the second challenge star.

Now use the moving platform to get to the other side, where there is a chest. Now go to the opposite landing where there is the 3rd challenge star.

Now save your game. This next area is extremely annoying. It is a large circular room with 3 imps. You need to stun them all and throw them into the hole. This will open a wall to your left, which has a gargoyle. Light it to reveal an invisible wall to where the chocolate frog is. Inside is a chest with a Bronze Card (41/50). Now skurge the ectoplasm that is blocking the huge block. Then flipendo the block to where the lower platform is. Now use spongify to get to the block. Climb up and use spongify to get to the 4rth star behind you.

This will also lower the grate that the star was on. Be careful not to jump onto the carpet again or you wont make it. Just make a normal jump into the room ahead. The next room is also a bit tough. You will enter a room with 4 firecrabs, 2 on either side. By defeating them, you can open another secret area. The best thing to do is to stun them all first and then throw them into their holes. First, you can stun 2 on one side and jump onto that side, and from there, stun the other 2. Keep stunning and throwing them into the small opening, until all four are in. This will open a small passageway in the center. Inside is a chest with a Silver Card (32/40). Now go back out and return to the carpet. Spongify upto the beam at the top. Look behind you and you should see a switch. Hit to lower another beam. Jump onto that and hit another switch in front of you. This lowers a third beam, from which you can also reach the 5th star.

The grate lowers you to the door. In the next area, cast skurge on the ectoplasm and go down. You will enter a small hallway with several paintings. To your left, there will be a large painting right next to the entrance with nothing on it. Jump in to secret area with chest and beans. Now look onto the opposite wall. One of the paintings on the top is upside-down. Hit it and it will open a passageway to a chest and Silver Card (33/40). Now you will enter a rather large room. Turn left and you will see a carpet. Spongify up and stun pixies. Push the large block into the hole in front of it. Now, go back down to where the block has landed. You should see a wall with a switch on it, where there are a few beans. This should reveal a gargoyle. Light it and run back to the area where you pushed the large block from. There should now be another spongify carpet there. Turn around so that you are facing the wall and use the carpet. You should land on a small ledge. Get wiggentree bark and flubberworm mucous on either side and now go to the ledge to your left. There you will see a lightning scar on the wall. Open it to secret area containing the 6th challenge star and chocolate frogs. Now return to where the gargoyle was and push the block to the high landing with the next star. Climb up and get your 7th challenge star.

Save your game. Cast spongify to get to higher level. There will be a huge crab to your right. Stun 2-3 times to get it on its backside. Now make your way through the ectoplasm. If you go straight, you will meet up with another crab and some chocolate frogs. If you turn left immediately, you will see a carpet, which you use to get you to the opposite end of the room and to the 8th challenge star.

The next area is pretty big. Stun the pixie if it is close by. Now look up carefully and you should see an owl (Hedwig, i think). Hit it with a spell to open a secret area on the opposite side of the room. Make your way there by using the spongify carpets along the way. Get the 9th challenge star.

Get into the secret area opened by the owl and now lower yourself. Go all the way down to where you will see 2 cauldrons. You will see a gargoyle there. Light it to create stairs to your left (facing the gargoyle). Go down the ledge to a secret room with a carpet. Use it to get to the opposite end of the area, which has yet another secret area, but this one contains a Silver Card (34/40). Now work your way back and save your game. The next area is a small room with a chest. Approach it cautiosly, because as soon as you get near, the floor lowers, revealing 2 spiders. Stun them both. Now, to get another secret area, hit just one of the switches. Now go stand in the alcove of the switch that you used and hit the other switch. This will make the floor rise, but you will remain there and underneath is a secret area with another chest. Now follow the path to the top area once more. You will be in the room with the gargoyle and spiders again. Get the chest you missed and light the gargoyle. Run into the next room and immediately turn right into another secret area, stunning pixies on the way. Inside is a chest with beans. Now go into the next area. Step on the foot pedestal in the center, which will lower you down. To your left, there will be a chest with another Bronze Card (42/50). Also, there will be a switch on the wall on the left. Hit it to move it and get beans. Now use carpet to spongify to the room above. Cut the rope in the room you enter, and follow the path. You will come across a huge firecrab. Stun and spongify to next level, which is blocked by spider web. Get rid of it and 2 spiders behind it. Now you will be back in the room with the foot pedestal, but this time a bridge is there to take you to the other side. Go and get 10th challenge Star.

Save your game. Now you will enter a long room. Jump to the platform with a spongify carpet. Use it to get to the other side. Now jump in. Keep going, and do not do anything to the spider that is above you. Use the last spongify carpet to get to the completion star. But do not get it yet. Behind the star is a switch, which opens to a secret area. Use the carpet to spongify there. Get bark and mucous. Now make a running jump to the opposite side, where there is a chest. Now look below you. Stun the spider that is on the web and jump down. Cut the web, and spongiy the carpet to get to the last secret area containing a Bronze Card (43/50). Now spongofy again and retrieve the Completion Star. Level Complete.

(If you wish to improve your time and get more housepoints, do so now, before you go to the House Point Ceremony...and dont forget to ignore just about everything that does not concern with getting a challenge star )