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Bronze Wizard Cards: 0
Silver Wizard Cards: 0
Secret Areas: 0/12

Level 12: Dueling Club

Get the first ingredient, Bicorn Horn, from dungeon.

(Cutscene: All students are gathered at the Great Hall for Dueling Club. Professor Lockhart is in charge, with the help of Professor Snapes. Professor Lockharts chooses Harry to try dueling, while Snapes picks Draco Malfoy. And the dueling begins)

Quite simple. Main objective is to decrease your opponents stamina by using 3 spells: Rictusempra, Expelliarmus, and MimbleWimble.

Rictusempra: Knocks back your opponent
Expelliarmus: Knocks back any spell that your opponent might throw at you
MimbleWimble: Causes the opponent to miscast their next spell

To duel, use [spacebar] or your right mouse key to pick a spell and cast your spell with [ctrl].

There are countless ways of getting rid of your opponent. The one that I use on Malfoy is Rictusempra. I keep the mouse key pressed to increase the intensity of the spell, and stop right in the center. When Malfoy approaches and throws his spell, move to the side. He will follow you and you can cast your spell. It usually hits him every time.


After completing the tutorial, you can duel as much as you like, and win beans in the process. To do this, there will be a room right outside the Great Hall with the students who you can challenge. If you win the duel, you win the beans that you bet on.