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Bronze Wizard Cards: 1
Silver Wizard Cards: 0
Secret Areas: 2

Level 1: Whomping Willow (Tutorial)

(cutscene: Harry awakens to find that Ron is trapped in the Whomping Willow. Harry notices a Flipendo symbol on the tree and knows he must get to it in order to save Ron)

(This level is a tutorial for you if you have not played the game before or if you want to get used to the basics again. You will basically learn moves and spells used in the previous game)

Head forward and avoid the branch of the whomping willow. If you are not quick enough, stay close to the wall as there isn't much of a branch there and it is easy to get past it. Turn left into a doorway and open a chest. Go up the stairs and use "lumos" spell to light the gargoyle statue. This makes the wall to your right clear so you may pass through (Notice Harry'a wand glows when he performs this spell on the gargoyle. This is sort of a timer because the gargoyle only stays lit for a certain period of time and the glow will slowly dim as the timer goes out). Go through the clear wall and save your game.

Approach fountain with statue. Hit statue to get beans. Go through the doorway to your right, and you end up in the area of the Whomping Willow. You should see a luggage on the floor to your left with the flipendo symbol on it. Knock it to the ledge to your left. Climb the ledge onto the other side. Run past another branch and open chest to your left. Notice a crack in the wall next to the chest. Use "alohomora" spell to open it to the one secret area in the level, containing a chest. Now go to the whomping willow and hit the flipendo symbol on the tree to release Ron.


Go through the open door and you will see a gargoyle. Light it with your Lumos spell and a block will be appear to your left that you can climb to get to Ron. Save your Game.

Next you will enter a circular room. There will be ledges to your left containing beans and one chocolate frog. Jump to all of them and collect all the stuff. Then get down and you will see a crate with a flipendo symbol. Hit it, climb it, and then jump to Ron. Follow him until you get to a dead end. To your left, there will be gargoyle which you use your spell to light. This creates an invisible wall, so go through and hit the flipendo switch. Climb the stairs that the switch created.

Before following Ron into the courtyard, notice an alcove to your right. Use your alohomora spell on the wall to open a secret area. Inside is chest with beans. Then go to the courtyard and collect your first Bronze card (1/50). Hit the two armours on either side to