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Bronze Wizard Cards: 0
Silver Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas: 2/6

Level 2: Hogwart Grounds I: Night

Follow Ron to Hogwarts School

You will visit this area both in the daytime and night. Both night and day have their own secret areas. So whenever you get a secret area in the daytime, make sure to get it again in the night. This area will be visited 2 times at night. There are many areas here which can only be accessed when you learn a new spell. I will put up only what you can collect at that particular time. So here we go:

Follow Ron to the Hogwart Grounds. Go to the statue and hit it to get beans.

Now these directions are used by facing the school:

To your left, there will be a locked door, which you cannot access at the moment.

To your right, there will be a chest full of beans. Also, there will be a gate, which leads to the Quidditch field. If you notice above the gates, you will see two banners. Hit both of them to reveal a secret area to the right of the chest. It contains your first Silver Card (1/40). Now, go back to the statue and go up to the next area.

To the right, there is a chest with beans. To the left, there is a staircase leading down to the Skurge challenge, which you cannot enter yet, as well as a chest. There is also a secret area here, but you cannot use it yet. There is also a switch near the benches which you can hit to access some beans. Now you may enter Hogwarts. Level Complete.