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Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas: 2

Level 17: Potion Lesson

Find Potion Ingredients
  • Time for potions. Follow the pathway to the dungeons, where your potion class is. Professor Snape greets you with a "you're late" and "5 points off Gryffindor" (Don't you just love him already?). He tells you that you need to collect some plants for him. You may speak to students around, but it is not nessecary. Now, go to the doorway opposite of where you entered. There is a bridge, with the plant Dissany on the other side. As you get halfway through the bridge, it collapses and you fall.

  • When you land, save your game. Ahead of you is a movable block trapped in a cage. You need the block in order to move further so here is what you do. Go around the cage and jump the gap. There will be two larger movable blocks on the other side. Move the two blocks into the gap that you just jumped. When both blocks are placed in the gap, the cage doors will open. Now move the smaller block to the high ledge ahead. Jump onto the ledge and , collect the first plant, Molly.

  • Now stand on the raised platform and use flipendo spell to raise the platform to the next landing. Go up the stairs. Save. In the next area, use your spell on the switch and this will trigger the blocks ahead to move. Quickly jump the first and second, and look to your right. There are three levels in which the block moves to. First, if you wish to get more beans, jump onto the second level and collect the beans. Now jump to the movable block again and this time, land on the bottom level, which contains a switch and a door. BE CAREFUL! This door is timed to stay open for a short while and once it closes, you can't open it again. So what you should do is first go on the landing with the door and hit the switch from there. Enter and you will see a wizard card (20/25).

  • Now hit the switch to open the door on your side. Go onto the raised platform and hit another switch to raise the platform to the next landing. Hit another switch to open door. You are now back in the room with the movable blocks. Jump onto the block and this time, go on the highest level and collect the 1rst challenge star. Now, hit the closed gate using alohomora. Then hit the switch next to you to make the block in the middle of the gap move. Jump onto the block and jump to the next landing. Save game. The next area is a bit tricky. You will see a number of platforms in front of you. But be careful. They crumble when you land on them, so you should jump over them very quickly. The best way is to stay in the center and jump quickly. Save your game.Now do the same as you did before. Use alohomora to open gate, hit the switch and jump on the moving block. Repeat once more. Save your game. Jump the crumbling plates once more and get the second challenge star.

  • Here, you will meet the Bloody Baron. In a way, he is both good and bad. Good, as he lets you in some places where you would not be able to go, and bad because you lose your health if you touch him. So just basically stay out of his way. As you enter, he will glide towards where you entered from. Just avoid him and run down the hallway and into the room to your right. The next room is large, and contains 6 gnomes. There are also three cages, two with goodies, and the other one is a way out. In the center is a large statue, which also gives goodies if you hit it. Now get rid of the gnomes, and the 3 cages will open. Hit the statue 2-3 time to get beans and exit through the door that opened for you. Collect the second plant, Wiggentree Bark.

  • This will open the door ahead of you. In the next room, there is a block on the right, and two platforms on the left, as well as a block and another platform in cages. First, use Wingardium Leviosa spell to levitate the block onto the right. Move this block onto the left platform, which will raise the gate containing the second block. Now move the second block onto the platform to your right and this will raise the cage containing the third platform. Now move the first block onto the third platform to open the gates. Level Complete.

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