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Bronze Wizard Cards: 4
Silver Wizard Cards: 2
Secret Areas: 7

Level 8: Skurge Challenge

Complete Challenge by getting challenge stars and completion star

(Note: After completing this challenge, go to the next page before going onto the house point ceremony...)

Follow Hermione to Charms class. (Cutscene). Now learn the Skurge spell. Begin Challenge

You start with 2 armours. Hit them with Flipendo spell to get beans. Use skurge spell on the green substance (ectoplasm) blocking the door. Continue down. To your left, there will be a cauldron. Now in the next room, there will be a long block that you need to push. But first get rid of ectoplasm that is blocking its path. After, knock the block into the large gap. But before jumping to the other side, jump down into the gap. To the right, you will see a cracked wall. Open it to reveal a room with a chest containing a Bronze Card (12/50). Climb up. Jump the gap and collect your first challenge star (1/10).

Hit cauldron, collect frog, and save your game. Next circular area contains alot of ectoplasm. Get rid of it, and ahead of you will be a chest with beans, and a bottle of beans. There will be a firecrab blocking your way. Stun him, as well as 3 more in the hallway. Collect challenge star (2/10).

Next area, you will meet Peeves. Defeat him using skurge 5 times successfully. He will leave you alone. Now lumos the gargoyle in the next room and return to the room where you fought Peeves. A path has opened leading to a deep pit. Get rid of ectoplasm to make a path to collect challenge star (3/10).

Return to the gargoyle and save your game. Now hit the flipendo switch, which allows you to enter the next room, but will not allow you to get the challenge star. So now, hit the witch statue to get beans. Lumos gargoyle, creating an invisible wall in the hallway where you just were. Go there and you will end up in a room with a jar of wiggentree bark. Now, hit the flipendo switch to make the star accessible. Continue on, collect all the beans. The door with the firecrabs will also open. Get the chest with a bronze card (13/50). Now continue and stun firecrab. You will now see that you are in the same room as you were previously with all the ectoplasm. Go into the door that has opened on the other side and you will be back in the room with the witch statue and gargoyle. Light the gargoyle again and collect the challenge star (4/10).

Keep going down the corridor and turn to your left. To your left, there you will see an invisible wall made by the gargoyle, which is a secret area containing a chest of beans. Now get the chest with a bronze card (14/50). Save your game. Next area, hit ectoplasm, stun snail, and move the snail to the block where the ectoplasm was to reveal a hidden passage with a chest and a silver card (8/40). Go straight into a small room. In front of you, you will see a jar of mucous. Get that. Return to the area with the snail and turn right. Get rid of the first ectoplasm. Push snail into switch. Get rid of second ectoplasm, and look above. Use alohomora to open the secret door, which drops a snail into the switch. This will open the door to challenge star (5/10).

Now go straight. To your left, a jar of mucous. Now before lighting the gargoyle, go to the next room. Hit the pixie flying around and use alohomora on the painting to your right to open passageway. Now light the gargoyle and enter the room. Jump down and collect challenge star (6/10).

Fall into a hole that opens up for you. You will be in a room with 2 firecrabs. Stun them, get beans. Hit the ectoplasm on the far side of the room to open gate into next area. Collect challenge star (7/10).

In this area, hit ectoplasm to make the blocks move. When you get on the second one, notice a switch below the ledge. Hit it to open a secret area. Go back and enter it to get a chest with a Silver Card (9/40). Now go back and jump across to the other side. Get cauldron and stun pixie. Next area, there is a seesaw in the middle of the room. Go to the back of this room, getting the cauldron along the way. Go up the stairs, hitting 2 more cauldrons on the way. When you get to the top, you will see challenge star (8/10).

Also, stun 2 gnomes in the room ahead, and get the chest with a bronze card (15/50). Now get rid of ectoplasm, move block to tip the see saw. Jump into the hole and run to the other side and collect challenge star (9/10).

Stun the snail in the next area. Get chest. Now you will enter a long passageway with a gargoyle to your right and a chest down the stairs. DO NOT GET THAT CHEST! It only contains Peeves. Instead. Light the gargoyle and run down the stairs and you will see a ledge that appears above the stairs. Jump on it, alohomora the wall in front of you and enter to secret area with challenge star (10/10).

Now go down and get the completion star.

Optional: Redo level for better time and more house points if you decided to get everything (cards, secrets, etc.) the first time.

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