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Level 7: Potion's Class

Follow Hermione to Potions class

Follow Hermione to the dungeon, which is located near the entrance stairs. When you enter the dungeon, look to the left wall near a table and candle. You should see a crack in the wall, containing beans. There are more beans, but you need another spell to get it, so leave that area. Now follow Hermione into Potions class.

Professor Snapes teaches the class how to make Wiggenweld Potion, using the ingredients Wiggentree bark and Flubberworm Mucous. First, he will instruct Harry to open chest. Only do that. Get the ingredients, go to the brewing cauldron and get potion.

(Cutscene: Harry, Ron and Hermione exit the class and Harry hears voices again. He follows it and ends up outside Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom. On the wall is writing that says the chamber of secrets is open. Mrs. Norris is found petrified under the words. Professor Dumbledore arrives and tells everyone to leave, as there is nothing else to see). Level Complete.