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Bronze Wizard Cards: 0
Silver Wizard Cards: 2
Secret Areas: 3/12

Level 9: Hogwarts II

Get secrets before going to house point ceremony

If you do not get these before the house point ceremony, you dont have to worry because you will have plenty of chances to get them. So here we go.

After coming out of the skurge challenge, go straight and pass the door leading to the moving staircase area. To your left, you will see a wall with a block out of place. Use alohomora on it to open a secret area containing ectoplasm. Get rid of it and get the chest with a silver card (10/40).

Also, there is another secret in the dungeon area. Go to the dark corridor where Snape's class is located. Now go to the chest that you had opened earlier. On the opposite side wall, cast alohomora on the wall to reveal a gargoyle. Light it and the floor in front of you will become invisible. Go down there and get rid of ectoplasm. This will open the gate above you, and will also reveal a chest with another silver card (11/40).

You may also go to the Great Hall which is opposite the dungeon. As you enter, you should see a painting to your left. Use alohomora to open it to secret area with chest. You will also find 2 chests of beans near the head table inside the Great Hall.

Now go to the house point ceremony and if you have the highest score (which you should if you redid the challenge), then you get to go to the bean room. yay.

(cutscene: Harry, Hermione, and Ron go to investigate the scene of the crime. They go into the girl's bathroom, much to Ron's dislike, and meet Moaning Myrtle who is one of the ghosts at Hogwarts, and who lives in the bathroom. All three suspect Malfoy has something to do with the attacks and decide to make Polyjuice Potion in order to turn into Goyle and get a confession from Malfoy. But first, Harry must get a few ingredients. The first one he must get is Bicorn Horn, located in the dungeon. yay.)