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Bronze Wizard Cards: 1
Silver Wizard Cards: 0

Level 6: Quidditch Practice

Find Woods and practice Quidditch

Because this is such a short level, I decided to put the Hogwart Grounds and the Quidditch practice together.

You will start outside Hogwarts. There you will meet Oliver Wood, captain of Gryffindor Quidditch team. Talk to him and then he will try and lead you to the quidditch field. But before you go with him, go to Fred and George, who are located left of the huge dragon statue. Go to George and trade your beans for Quidditch armour, which does help. Also, collect beans from the same area as you did in the previous level, because they will be refilled.

To the left of Fred and George, there will be a doorway that leads to Hagrid's Hut. To the right of the hut is a pig pen with a Bronze card (11/50) on a tree stump, as well as beans. Collect all of it, as well as a bean and chest behind the hut. There is also a save book there as well. Now return and follow Wood into the Quidditch field.

Quidditch Practice

Here, you will have two types of practice.

The first type is you must catch the golden snitch on your own. This time, Harry will follow the snitch automatically, and all you can do is move up and down in order to avoid bludgers. As you get closer to the snitch, the meter to your bottom right fills up. When it is full, catch the snitch.

After you successfully catch the snitch, it is time to play a mock Quidditch game. A member of your team plays as your opponent and you must catch the snitch again. This time, if the other seeker gets close to you, use the [crtl] key to hit them so that they move away and you get a better chance at the snitch. When you have caught it, a long cutscene starts. Level Complete.

( From here on out, if you want to get more house points, you can come back to this area to play with other house teams. )