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Bronze Wizard Cards: 1
Silver Wizard Cards: 0
Secret Areas: 1/12

Level 30: Hogwart's School

Get a few secret items before ceremony.


Before going to the last weekly house point ceremony, go to the top of the grand staircase. There you will see a carpet. Use it to spongify yourself to the landing above (secret area). Get chest with the last Bronze Card (50/50). Now if you wish to get the gold wizard cards, go to the moving staircase, and complete the challenge. If you wish to also get the extra level that you can play (Gryffindor Challenge) do so right now in the Gryffindor Common Room. If you are done with everything, you may proceed to the Great Hall for the ceremony. Be careful because the game ends once you enter the Great Hall, so make sure you get everything you need. If you missed any cards, you can get them from students who are trading, you can duel for beans, or you can go play Quidditch. Have fun and congratulations on winning the game!