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Bronze Wizard Cards:0
Silver Wizard Cards: 0
Gold Cards: 11
Secret Areas: 0
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Gold Card Challenge

Find all 11 gold cards before time is up

Okay...this level is really simple...but here is a walkthrough anways for those who wish to see it. When you first enter the gold card challenge, you will come across a long hallway with 11 curtains. As you get each card, the curtains get drawn, revealing the card in 3D. Doesnt really do anything else so have fun! If you dont complete it in the time given, you can always try again. But there is plenty of time so there shouldnt be a problem with it.

First area, there are four crabs, 2 on each side. Ignore them and step down onto the lower level right in front of you. Use the carpet to get to the first Gold Card (1/11) ahead.

Unlock the door and you will enter a high tower. Use the moving blocks to get to the top of the tower and collect the second Gold Card (2/11).

Cut the rope ahead and the web to lower bridge to cross into next room. In this room, turn right and climb up the stairs on the wall. Jump to get the Gold Card (3/11) in the center.

Cut rope. In the next room, there is ectoplasm everywhere. Climb up carefully, getting rid of any ectoplasm in the way. At the top will be another Cold Card (4/11).

Cut another rope. This time, you are in a long and narrow hallway with 2 firecrabs pacing here. Immediately use the carpet in front of you to jump over them both and get the gold card (5/11).

In the next area, there will be a lock on the floor. Use alohomora to open it to reveal another carpet. Use it like before to get to the other side of the hallway and get the gold card (6/11).

Open the locked door and climb up. Open another door and you will enter a rather dark room. Ignore this room for now and enter another room on the other side. Lumos gargoyle and enter previous room. Climb down and get another gold card (7/11).

Exit door and push the blocks right or left to get to the top and get another gold card (8/11).

Now cut rope and spongify to get to gold card (9/11).

Next room, there are 3 blocks. The more you move them forward, the higher a ledge gets on the opposite side of the room. Move the side blocks 3 times and the middle block 2 times. Climb up the blocks you just raised and get gold card (10/11).

Last area. Cut the rope and spongify all the way up to the last gold card (11/11). Exit through the door. Level Complete.