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Level 29: Final Battle

Defeat the Basilisk and rescue Ginny

Okay, this is the finale. Good luck to all :)

You start in the area right before the battle. On both sides of you, there are basilik statue heads that breath fire. Get past 2 of them and to your right, there will be two flubberworm mucous and 1 wiggentree bark. To your left, there will be a cauldron where you can make your potion. Now, pass the last few fire breathing statues and get ready for the final battle.

Approach and there will be a cutscene. You need to battle the Basilisk 2 times so get ready. The first time. the basilik just comes out of hte mouth of the large face statue in front of you. To use your sword, use the left mouse key. The best way to damage the basilisk is to power up your sword by keeping the mouse key pressed. Aim well (there will be a little red dot to where you are aiming) and release the mouse key to use your sword. Be sure that the basilisk's mouth is open or it will not get any damage. After a few hits, the basilisk will disappear.

Now, it will come out of the four holes that are in front of you. The best thing to do is that when it comes up, it often starts throwing pink goop at you. Use this time to power up your sword, so when it opens its mouth, you can shoot at it. After a few hits (and alot of wiggentree potion, in my case), you should be able to defeat it. A longer cutscene ensues and level is complete. Yay.