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Bronze Wizard Cards: 1
Silver Wizard Cards: 0
Secret Areas: 2/3

Level 28: Chamber of Secrets II

Find your way through the Chamber of Secret to Ginny

Alrighty, this is the only level where I (as well as several other people) have not been able to find the last secret area. If you know where it is or have an idea as to where it could be, please e-mail me and you will be given full credit for it. I also am continously searching every corner of this level to find it :)

You will start in a small area right before an extremely difficult area ahead. There are 4 firecrabs roaming around and are ready to shoot fireballs at you if you approach. The only thing I can say is to try and stun them all without getting hit. Also, on both sides, you need to hit the flipendo symbols to reveal 2 switches in which you need to throw 2 of the crabs into. So just keep running around, stunning those firecrabs and knock 2 of them onto the switches, which opens a passage on the opposite side of the room. Run through and flipendo switch. Use carpet to get to the upper level, in which you will meet a pixie and 2 imps (fun). The best way to do this is to stun the pixie from where you are. After getting rid of it, slowly approach the imps. When they start running at you, stun them both and throw them into the holes. This will reveal a secret area, containing a gargoyle and jars of mucous and bark. Now you have to be very quick in this area. Stun the gargoyle, and run up the stairs, hit switch, and use carpet to get to higher level. Keep running, jump over gap above the 4 firecrabs and again hit switch, but watch out for pixie, and spongify up again. Now to your right and left there are secret area. To your left, chest and right is a frog. (if you did not make it, you can try again).

Now go forward and cut the rope to drop the block that you are standing on and it will take you to the lowest level of this area. Now in this area, hit 2 flipendo switches on both sides of you to get to a chocolate frog. Now ahead, there are 2 huge snails. The best thing to do is to approach carefully and let one of them spot you and run at you. Lead it into the the area where you are and stun it. Go into the next area where the other snail is and the area where you just were will close up so you dont have to worry about the first snail.

[cutscene: a snail nearby walks into an invisible beam, which causes the floor to give way and the snail falls through]

Ok...first stun the second snail and throw it into the hole all the way at the end of this area. You will see a spongify carpet here. There are also 2 pixies above you so stun them now or they will pester you later. Use carpet to get to the moving ledges. Cut the ropes to your right to lower the beams in the room with the invisible beams. Repeat in the next area. Now you will be back in the area where the 2 snails were. Go to the area with the invisible beams, which have been covered by the real beams. Get the last bronze card (50/50). Look up from the first beam and you will see a switch at the top. Hit it for secret area with gargoyle. This creates beams which you can use instead of the beams that you lowered, but if you use these instead, you will not be able to get to the last card. Now proceed, and save your game. In the next area, you will have to RUN. When you fall, a boulder will be released and you must run. (This is very much like the troll chase from the first game). Just keep running, and cutting branches that block your way. Dont rush too much as the boulder is slow, but dont be lazy either because it does crush you if you are way too slow. Once you get out of this area, the boulder will fall and make a way down to the last area. Get jars and save your game. You will not enter the final area before the big fight. Get onto the long pole and cut the rope. It will go forward and hit the wall that is covering the exit. Jump onto the ledge and enter the door. If you do not make it for some reason, just go up the stairs, lumos the gargoyle and it will take you right back to area. Level Complete.