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Bronze Wizard Cards: 4
Silver Wizard Cards: 2
Secret Areas: 7

Level 10: Dungeon I

Get the first ingredient, Bicorn Horn, from dungeon.

You will begin the level in the dungeon area. Go to the second passageway to your left. Hit ectoplasm to enter the door. Now, you will be in a small room with a locked door in front of you. On both of your sides, there is one bean. Use alohomora to open door. Squash pesky teeny spiders that try to crawl on Harry. Now you will enter one of the towers. Hit 2 flipendo switches in front of you to let the wheel in the center move. In this tower there are 3 doors. Get on the wheel when it comes down and go in this order:

Top level: Hit ectoplasm to get to this room. Contains 2 chests with 2 frogs.

Middle level: Contains a gargoyle, which you need to light in order to make a passageway out of the tower.

Bottom level: This is the way out. If you lighted the gargoyle, you will have made a complete staircase down to the next area. Get rid of ectoplasm on the stairs and stun pixie at the doorway. Now you enter another tower with green water below you. To your right above is ectoplasm. Get rid of it to make the water level and bridge rise. Cross the bridge Before going further, look to your left. There will be chest with a Bronze Card (16/50). Now on the opposite side, you should see an evil sort of face carving in the wall. Use alohomora on it to open secret area containing a chest with a Silver Card (12/40).

Next area, hit both of the snails and push them into the switches. This will also release 2 firecrabs. Before getting the firecrabs, search the two cages that have just opened. Left side has jar of wiggentree bark and the right cage has chocolate frog. Now stun the 2 firecrabs and push them into the cages. There is a cauldron in the corner of the room. On the opposite corner is a gargoyle. Lumos gargoyle and go into the next area. There will be a ledge created on your left so that you can get the cauldron. Now, hit ectoplasm to create stairs to go down the tower, stunning pixies on your way. Next area has 2 snails again. If you want, get the items from the cages. The left cage has beans and right has a chocolate frog and beans. Now stun snails and put them into the cages. There is also a chest in a corner of this room containing a Bronze Card (17/50). Stun gnome and save your game. In the same area as the gnome, there will be another designed wall that opens up to another secret area, containing a chest with a Silver Card (13/40).

The next area is a puzzle room. First stun the snail, and if you like, push him off the ledge. Now in this room, you are on the top floor. You have access to 4 different colored flipendo switches, which moves the walls located below. Do not get the chest here. It only contains Peeves.

(Will have the picture of the room up very soon).

In the area below, there are a total of 4 doors blocked by the moving walls. One of the exit, while the other 3 are secret areas. So go in this order:

Secret Area 1: Red and Blue Switch. Go down on the elevator and stun gnome. Go through the passageway and the entrance will be to your left. Hit flipendo on switch to get to secret area, containing chest and jar of flubberworm mucous and wiggentree bark. Now, go back up.

Secret Area 2: Now hit Red and Green. This room is located in front of you. Flipendo switch to get into secret area, which contains beans and jar of wiggentree bark.

Secret Area 3: Now hit the Red switch. This opens way to the 3rd secret area, located next to the exit. It contains beans and flubberworm mucuos.

Exit: Now hit red, blue, and purple. Go and exit this area.

You will enter a room with shelves of different things. Get the chest containing a Bronze Card (18/50). There will also be a jar to your left containing wiggentree bark. Use the block near the door to get to the shelves in front of it, which contains beans and a jar of mucous. Use stool to get to the other shelf. Now hit the flipendo switch near the shelves to open door. Get cauldron. Stun firecrab, and if you like, throw him into the pit.

Climb the stairs and save your game.

Now this is my least favorite part of the level. There are a total of 4 towers with rotating wheels and below is a pit. If you use autojump, DO NOT use it here, or you will keep falling into the pit.

First room: Hit annoying pixie. Hit ectoplasm, which makes the wheel in the center rotate. Now the best way to do this is to stand at the edge and use [ctrl] and your arrow keys to jump onto the wheel because autojump makes Harry jump way too far and you will end up falling off. Now jump onto the ledge to the next room.

Second room: Hit ectoplasm that is blocking the way to the third room. Jump onto rotating wheel and continue through the other 2 rooms. Now on the last room, after getting off the wheel (phew) get cauldron and save your game.

Open the door. Hit gnome. Get chest with a Bronze Card (19/50). Throw the gnome into the next room. I would recommend that you also get rid of the firecrab first. Stun him and knock it into a small opening nearby. Get cauldron. Now climb up, getting rid of ectoplasm on the way. When you get to the top, get rid of ectoplasm blocking the door. Get rid of pixies as well. Go back into previous room, go to the other side, where you will see a chocolate frog. Now hit the flipendo switch on the loose wall, which is located on the side. This will show you a gargoyle. Light it and run to the next room. To your left, the wall will have become invisible. Go there, and get a chest. Now go back and cross the bridge this time to open a secret area to your right containing a chest full of beans. Now go to the next ledge and open door. You will be in another room full of shelves. Get jar of mucous to your left. As you go further, the floor will collapse and you will be in a room with 2 firecrabs. Stun them and push them into the green liquid below. Now jump around and get to the other side. When you get up, get the beans that are to your left. Now get the Powdered Bicorn Horn, located on a small side table. Level Complete.