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Bronze Wizard Cards:1
Silver Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas: 1/12

Level 11: Hogwarts III

Go to Great Hall for Dueling Club

After leaving the previous level, Harry will enter Professor Snape's classroom. Now is the time to get all the goodies found here. First, get the chest that is near the window right in front of you, containing a Bronze Card (20/50). Get jar of flubberworm mucous and wiggentree bark from long desk. Make potion for all the ingredients you collected. Now look near Snape's and student's desk. The wall nearby has a lightning scar crack in it. Use alohomora on it to open to a small area. Get rid of ectoplasm on the floor and step on the switch. This will open a passageway and stairs close to the door. Go there and climb up the stairs to a secret area, containing beans and a chest with a Silver Card (14/40). Now leave the classroom and a cutscene ensues.

(Cutscene: Harry meets another student who tells him that there is a duel club that is beginning in the Great Hall)

Follow the boy to the Great Hall.