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Defense Against the Dark Arts Class
Carpe Retractrum Challenge

[cutscene: Ron, Harry, and Hermione are glad to be back at Hogwarts. They head for their first lesson, Defense Against the Dark Arts with Professor Lupin. Lupin calls Ron to do the challenge. Ron gets nervous, but still comes forward].

You will be Ron throughout this challenge. So lets begin!

You will already have the carpe retractrum spell. What this spell is used for is it is sort of like a lasso that you target an object with, and either you will get pulled to it, or it will be pulled to you. Notice the orb-like object that is sparkling. Use your spell to aim for it, and it will take you to it. To your left is a switch. Use depulso on it, which reveals another orb. Use your spell on it to get to the ledge. Now notice the lever nearby. Use your spell there as well to pull it. This will cause a spongify carpet to appear. Use it to spring up to the upper area.

Now in the next area, drop down to the lower area. From here, notice part of the wall in front of you that is a different color, as well as has the carpe retractum symbol on it. Use your spell on it to pull that part of the wall out, making a platform to the higher ledge. Repeat again in the next area and collect your first CS 1.

Now in the new room, hit the armor for beans. Jump over the small pit to get to the other side. Hit another armor to your right and exit. The next room is very large. To your left is another armor. Hit it again, but this time, instead of giving beans, it will move back, revealing a switch on the right side. Use depulso on it to make an orb appear on the far ledge across from you. Use it to get to that ledge, which is secret area 1. Here, there is a chest with beans and WC (Sir Herbert Varney). Now look ahead and you will see more orbs. Use your spell on the closest one to get yourself on the floating platform in the center. Now pull the two ropes on either side with your spell to create a bridge to the next area. Before going there, however, collect CS 2 on the floating platform at the end, and exit through the door.

Save your game. Now it is time to face some imps. These are nasty little creatures that throw exploding crackers at you. You will face only one the first time. What you do is you let the imp throw a cracker to you, making sure it doesnt hit you while its still in the air. Use your left mouse key to pick up the cracker when it is on the floor and use it to release it on the imp. Make sure you dont pick one up that is ready to explode or you will get hit instead. Once you get that one imp, a few more will appear. Defeat them, and a spongify tile and pasties appear. Also get goodies from the two cupboards on either side. Now use spongify spell to get yourself up to the next level.

Here, you will meet pixies, 6 in total. They are just as annoying as the imps. They throw blue stuff at you which hurts your health, so you need to keep moving. Use "A" and "D" to move left and right. Hit them all with rictusempra. After defeating them, and collecting the goodies left behind, get the chest nearby that can open three times, each time having a chocolate frog. Now exit this area. In this room, hit all four armors to have CS 3 appear in the center of the room. Exit to the next room.

This is a rather large, dark room. Get the chest first nearby with goodies. Now get yourself onto the first platform. Now look behind you and you should see a small alcove with a chest and an orb. Use it to get to that alcove for another secret area (2), with chest containing goodies and WC (Amarillo Lestoat). Now return to the previous platform and continue on, moving from platform to platform, making sure you are cautious around the ones that move. On the third moving platform, notice the lever to your left. Pull it down with spell and get up there with rope hanging above it. Inside is CS 4. Now exit and get back to the last ledge in this area and exit.

Save your game. Head down, and hit two armours on the way for some beans. Now there is a huge gap in front of you, which you will not make merely by jumping. So look at the wall below the ledge, and you will notice the block with a carpe retractum symbol on it. Use it to pull the block out and use it to get to the other side. Here, hit both armours to make a room appear above you. Use the orb to get to it, which is SA 3, containing chest with goodies and WC (Count Vlad Drakul).

Now return and again pull block out to jump over gap. Head down to a locked door and use alohomora to open it. In this room you are introduced to a firecrab, who seems pretty evil as it hides behind the door you came through and shuts it and comes in front for attack. Anyways, use rictusempra to stun it, and again to push it into a convenient hole nearby, to open the next door. Next room has two more (yay). Stun them both first, then push each into the hole. There is also a chest here which you can hit 2 times, each time giving you a chocolate frog.

Now again you are in a room with floating platforms. Get onto the rope to your right. Get onto the moving platform from here and let it take you down to a ledge with pixies. Get rid of them. The ledge in front of you has a movable block that you can pull to get to that ledge. Do so. There will be a chest there with beans and chocolate frogs. Now lasso onto the next rope and wait for the platform to come. Get on it and let it take you to CS 5. Now get to the ledge nearby, and from here, to the next ledge, using the block that you pull out. Save your game.

Unlock the door with alohomora. You will see 2 firecrabs on floating platforms. Knock them off the platforms with rictusempra spell. This will make 2 ropes appear. Use them to get onto the platforms. From here, notice the wall to your right. There are three movable blocks in the wall. Pull them all and use them to climb upto the ledge at the top. This small room has two armors and a depulso switch. Hit it to open the exit, as well as make the orb appear. Use it to get onto the ledge. Before exiting, notice the other side, and you will see a lever. Pull it and jump into the new room, containing CS 6.

Now exit this area. Get rid of the firecrab in the next room. This will open up two doors. Go through the door that is well-lit and to the left of the entrance from which you came. Go down the stairs and you will come to a rope. Pull it to make two bridges above the previous room. Also, get the tapestry that is above the door here. Get onto the bridge, and from here, you can get the two chests with beans, as well as get CS 7.

Now exit, and enter another room with floating platforms. Get onto the moving platform, then onto the ledge. From here, get onto the platform to your right. Here, you will see a rope. Pull it to create another rope. Use this to get to the ledge on the far corner. In this area, there are two armors. Hit the one to your left three times to make it open to secret area 4 to the left of the armor, containing chest with beans and Wizard Card (Lady Carmilla Sanguina). Now return and turn to your left and collect CS 8. Return and follow the ropes to the exit door and save your game.There is a chest here, which you can hit twice, containing chocolate frogs. Now get ready to face 4 imps. There is a chest here which you can hit 3 times, each time containing a frog. Now notice the two armors on either side of you. Hitting the left side one releases beans and pixies. Hit the right one 3 times to get goodies and WC (Blodwyn Bludd).

Now exit this room and you will be in a hallway with an orb in the center. Head to the end of the hallway and look to your right. You will see a portrait of a gargoyle. Use alohomora on the portrait to make it open, revealing a gargoyle. Lumos it and look back. Part of the floor will have disappeared, revealing secret area 5. Jump down, and get the chest nearby, containing pasties. Now go along, and you will come to a spongify tile. Use to get CS 9. Now return to the same area where you got here from and use the orb there to get back up. Exit the hallway.

Last room. To your right, pull out the blocks in the wall with carpe retractum. Use them to get onto the high ledge above. There are two armors here, with goodies. Now pull the three ropes in front of you. Two bring two platforms up and the third rope creates another rope, as well as brings in two crabs. Knock the crabs off the platform they are on and use the rope and floating platforms to get to the 10th and final challenge shield...yay. If you collected all 10 stars, you will get to visit the bean bonus room. Have fun!

(If you don't get everything the first time, dont worry. This challenge can be repeated as many times as you like.)