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Spells Learned: none
Wizard Card Type/#:
Secret Areas: 0

Hogwart Express

[cutscene: The Hogwart Express is heading towards school. Hermione, Ron, and Harry and sharing a compartment together as Ron is reading the Daily Prophet about the esaped prisoner, Sirius Black. Harry tells them that he overheard Ron's father say that Black is out to get him, and Hermione tells him to be careful. Suddenly Crookshank, Hermione's new cat, tries to pounce Ron's pet rat Scabbers. Scabbers runs for it and so the three head off to get him].

You begin outside your compartment. Head for the direction Scabbers went to. You will reach a door with a lock on it. Hermione tells you to use your alohomora spell to open it. So do so with your left mouse key or ctrl key. Once you unlock the door, enter. You are in the luggage compartment. As you walk forward, a bunch of luggage will fall in front of you. Climb over these by just pressing forward, and Harry should go over them. The next part has larger luggages, in which you are required to jump as well. Unlike the previous games, jumping is not automatic. You need to use "alt" key or the right mouse key. As you press the jump button, keep the forward key pressed to climb onto the luggages and get off the other end. Collect the beans on the other side as Hermione and Ron climb over the luggages. Now enter the next area.

Hermione: Time for you to be Hermione. Notice the crate in front of you with a symbol on it. Use your depulso spell to knock it back enough for you to get by. You should spot a chest nearby with lots of beans. Now come to a save book. Before you get them, however, there are two chests locked in compartments on either side. Use alohomora to open them and receive more beans. Now save your game. Enter the next room

[cutscene: They spot Scabbers, but he runs into a hole nearby, and there is no door to get to that area. Hermione notices a cupboard to her left and says that all three need to use their spells together to open it].

What you need to do is to get all three to look at the cupboard. Now begin charging your spell. Once by one, the other two (Ron and Harry) will also begin to cast their spell. Once there are three symbols being cast, let go of your key and all three will cast alohomora on the chest. Inside is a gargoyle. Hermione tells Ron to use lumos on the gargoyle.

Ron: Now it is Ron's turn. Use lumos on the gargoyle to light it. This will reveal a hidden path through the wall. Enter the next compartment, which is also luggages. As you go forward, a crate to your left will fall and many flying books will come out. Now, cast the depulso spell to get rid of them. As you do, Hermione and Harry will also cast their spells. Make sure you dodge the things they throw at you. If you see it coming, move out of the way or it may hit you or one of the other two. Once you get them all, head forward. You should see a depulso switch to your right. Hit it to open the door to your left, containing chest with beans. Now enter the next room.

Ron is clearly freaked from this room, as their are strange creatures in this compartment that are locked up. Head for the back of this area and you will meet Malfoy. He lets loose your first enemy, a book called Monster's book of monsters. This thing is alive. What is does is it releases it pages, who come slowly to your to bite you. Use rictusempra spell to get rid of the pages, and once you have them all gone, the book disappears, and your first Wizard Card appears. Now go through the last area.

[cutscene: They find Scabbers and Ron grabs it before it can run off. Suddenly, the train comes to a screeching halt. All three wonder what is going on until the door at the end of the compartment begins banging, as someone is trying to get it. The door opens and its a dementor. Hermione quickly casts a spell on the depulso symbol nearby to close the door. Harry faints, and Hermione tells Ron to make sure that the dementor does not come in and goes for Help].

You are now in the compartment, protecting Harry, who is still unconscious. What you basically need to do is prevent the dementor from coming in, and prevent the fog that it releases under the door from getting to Harry. There are several depulso symbols around. Whenever one pops out, hit it to block the dementor. One is the switch that Hermione pressed. The other is above the door that comes occassionally, and two more in the cupboards to your side. Just keep hitting any symbols you see until Hermione arrives with Professor Lupin.

[cutscene: Lupin yells at the dementor that they are not hiding Sirius Black and to leave. He uses the spell expecto patronum to send a white light to the dementor, which leaves].