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Bronze Wizard Cards: 5
Silver Wizard Cards: 4
Secret Areas: 7

Level 5: Rictusempra Challenge

Complete challenge by collecting challenge stars before timer runs out.

The good thing about this challenge is that you can visit it as many times as you wish. After each challenge, you will get a chance at a bonus level. So you need to have a good time. I would recommend completing this challenge twice because there are alot of areas which arent necessary, but you should go because they contain wizard cards.

NOTE: The areas in red are the ones that you can ignore on your second visit.

First, complete Lockharts challenge. He will cast the symbol for rictusempra and you will see a bunch of arrows. Just press the same arrow keys as they appear on the symbol. You will need to do this 3 times. After that, you are ready for the challenge.

Now this challenge is a bit different than that of the first game. You are going to be timed in this one, and the better time you have, the more time you will have in the bonus room. So I would recommend getting the challenge stars along the way, because they increase your timer quite a bit.

First challenge: You will see a firecrab. Use rictusempra spell to knock it on its shell. Then use your flipendo spell to knock it into the switch on the floor. Collect challenge star (1/10).

Next area has two choices. You can either:

knock the first firecrab onto its shell and push it into the switch behind it. Make certain that when you do this, you are standing on the foot plate in front of the crab. After you have knocked the crab down, the floor will rise to the upper level. To your right, there will be a chest with a Bronze Card (6/50).

- or -

avoid the first firecrab and run to the slope to the left. This will lead you to another firecrab. Knock it and pass it.
Get the chest from here with the card.

Challenge 2: The next area has 4 firecrabs and 2 snails. The firecrabs are in cages on all four corners of the room. They will continouly shoot fire at you, so it is better to get rid of them first. Go to each firecrab, knock it over, and use flipendo to make it hit the switch on the far side of the cage. When you do this, the cage will get blocked so they cannot shoot fire at you. After you do this to all 4, a chest will appear with a silver card (4/40). Now, use rictusempra on the two snails and knock them into the switches on the floor. This will release two challenge stars (2/10 and 3/10). Move the crates with the symbols to get to the stars.

Next area will have two snails. (Second time: just pass them) Knock them out with rictusempra and push them into the switches. Be careful! These snails are a bit more aggressive than the first game. If you are within range, they will charge at you with alot of speed. So be careful. Once they hit the switches, they will release some beans.

Next area is a gnome. Hit it with your spell and then approach it. Harry will automatically pick it up. Then use [spacebar] to throw it into the hole nearby.

Go up the stairs. Save your game. Notice a portrait of Lockhart. Use your spell on it to open to a secret area with a chest. Continue up the stairs and before the next challenge, notice to your left is a chocolate frog and to your right, a chest with a Bronze Card (7/50). Now off to the next challenge.

Challenge 3: You are in a small hallway with a challenge star at the end. As you go for it, part of the hallway collapses in front of you and two doors open on both sides containing firecrabs. Like before, use rictusempra on both firecrabs. Then knock them into the switch. I would recommend you first use rictusempra on both of them, THEN throw them into the switch, or you will have one throwing fireballs at you. After this, the hallway appears and you can collect your challenge star (4/10).

Next area is with snails again. Avoid them or use rictusempra on them and knock them into the switches.

Challenge 4: Next area has two firecrabs loose. Use rictusempra on both of them, THEN knock them into the switches. This will make a stairway on both sides of the room. First go to the left one. Hit cauldron and firecrab. Then hit the portrait of Lockhart to find a secret area with a gargoyle. Use Lumos spell to create an invisible wall to your right, which contains a challenge star (5/10).

Then go to the other stairway and collect another challenge star (6/10). There is also a chocolate frog, and on the wall behind it is a flipendo symbol switch. Hit it to open to secret area containing a chest with a Silver Card (5/40). Now, use your flipendo spell to knock over the block that is in your way. To your right, there will be a chest with a bronze card (8/50).

Challenge 5: Go forward and down the stairs. You will enter a circular room with 3 doors and 3 switches. Notice on each door there is a picture of Professor Lockhart. Also, above the doors are 3 wheels. The switches in front of you move those. The point of this part is to hit the switches so that the wheels move and the pictures on the wheel match that on the door. When you match all three potraits on each wheel to that on the door, the door will open.

First, open the right and left door. Both of them will have a chest and a switch on the floor. The two switches will lower a challenge star (7/10). Then open the front door. Get beans from cauldron and get onto the foot plate ahead. This will cause the floor to go up to the upper level. Go right from here and you will get a chest. To your left, there is a save game.

Next area has a gargoyle statue and beyond that is a room with 2 snails. You can just avoid this whole area. If you want to get the secret area, you can light the gargoyle and pass the snails and the wall to your right will be invisible with a chest inside. Or if you want more beans. You can first use flipendo on the two portraits of Lockhart to reveal a switch. Then knock the two snails into the switch. Then use lumos on gargoyle and go to the secret area.

Next area, you will see a portrait of Lockhart to your right. Hit it to reveal a passageway to a chest. Then continue on. There will be a deep pit ahead, but as you get closer, you see there are small ledges. Use them to get onto the other side. Use rictusempra on the firecrab and knock it into the switch, which creates a path somewhere else in this area. Beyond, hit cauldron and 2 snails. Collect challenge star (8/10), chocolate frog, cauldron, and chest with Bronze Card (9/50).

Challenge 6: Again, you are trapped with 2 firecrabs. Yet this time they are not in cages. Like before, hit them both first with rictusempra, and THEN knock them into the switches. Collect challenge star (9/10).

You will come into a hallway. To your right, there will be a chest with a Bronze card (10/50). (If you have been following my walkthrough very carefully, you should have 10 bronze cards by now. When this happens, you receive an extra health stamina. So for every 10 BC's you get, you will receive an extra health stamina. If you collect all 50, you will have 6 health staminas, which isnt that bad).

Beware of a glitch in the game for next part. I'm not certain if its just me or if it happens to everyone. All i know is that i have played this level a few times and it has happened every time. If you notice to your right before the save game, you will see a flipendo symbol on the wall near the ceiling. This will reveal a secret area with a chest. Now here is where the bug comes in. When you try to open the chest, the spell will not work. It will act as if the chest is not even there. Now this is bad because in the chest is a silver wizard card (6/40). The way that I have come past that is that the next area is the last challenge. So when i approached the next challenge, there was a cutscene. After that, i went back to the chest and this time, the spell worked fine and i got my card.

Final Challenge: This is a tower level. There are a total of 5 firecrabs in this area, and you only need 4 to get to the completion star. There is also a hidden area here, which leads you to the final challenge star. There is a large pit in the middle of the tower floor which will hold 4 crabs. First, knock 2 firebrabs into the pit. This will lower the completion star, as well as the floor in the pit. Now, jump into the pit yourself and hit the portrait of Lockhart before the crabs get back up. Enter the secret passageway it makes. Inside, climb the first staircase. You will see a portrait of Lockhart again. Hit it and enter. You will find 2 foot switches. Use them to open to a room with a gnome and a chest containing a Silver Card (7/40). Then continue on up the stairs and collect the last challenge star (10/10). This will open a door and you will be back into the tower. Now just make your way up the tower, knocking firecrabs into the pit below. Just use rictusempra on them and knock them down from where you are. They will fall into the pit themselves. After 4 firecrabs are in the pit, the completion star will be low enough. Just knock over the 5th firecrab so that it wont bother you. Next, there will be moving blocks that may try to push you off when you are jumping. Stay close to the edge and you will be fine. When you get to the top, get the completion star and you will be done with the challenge.

After the challenge, you will follow a girl to the first weekly house point ceremony. If you have the most points, you will get to go into the bean room.