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Bronze Wizard Cards: 3
Silver Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas: 5/10

Level 4: Defense Against the Dark Arts Class

Follow Ron and Hermione to Defense Against the Dark Arts Class

Follow Ron and Hermione after going to the Gryffindor Dormitory to get a few items. They will lead you the to Moving Staircase Area.

Just like the previous level, this area will also be visited several times. For this particular level, you have to attend Lockhart's class on the third floor. You can either go straight there, or you can explore the area first to get used to the place. There are several floors to this area and i will list all the areas accessible at the moment.

Level one: if you go downstairs, you will see alot of students. You will also see two students with beans in their hands. These are the students who can trade with you. If you wish to trade, go for it. There will be a chest on the far right side corner with a Bronze Card (3/50), as well as a save game book on the other side.

Level 2: You are on it :) This is the entrance to the moving staircase area.

Level 3 (Floor 1): View a cutscene, where you will meet Nearly Headless Nick, the Gryffindor ghost. He will show you a locked door which is where you will get your gold cards. But you first need to collect all 40 silver cards. After the cutscene, use your spell on the two cauldrons. Before leaving this area, look to the right as soon as you get out of that room. There will be a passageway there containing a chest. There is also goodies above you, but you will need to learn the diffindo spell first. So continue.

Level 4 (Floor 2): As you enter, there will be 2 boxes on either side which contain beans. Now look to your left. There will be a switch that takes you to secret area with chest. Beyond is a long corridor that leads to Transfiguration and Charms class, as well as Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom. All these areas are not opened yet, but there is a cauldron all the way at the end of the hall. Now return to the staircase.

Level 5 (Floor 3): (For me, I usually skip this level first and head for the 6th floor to get more goodies there, then return here) This is the area where the class is. If you wish to explore some more, continue onto the next staircase. If not, here is what happens. As you approach, [cutscene] Harry sees two Slytherins talking and one of them accidently knocks over a vase. They both run while Mrs. Norris, Filch's cat, watches. Harry is about to get out of there when Filch, the caretaker, comes and accuses him of breaking the vase. Harry then hears voices and Filch lets him off with a warning. You will see Ron in the distance. But before you go to him, look to the left wall. Use your spell on it to open passageway. This will lead you to your first enemy, a gnome. If you dont know what to do with them, then you can go to Lockhart's class first. If you want to get rid of it now, just hit it with your Flipendo spell. Once its knocked out, approach it and Harry will automatically pick it up by the foot. Just approach the small hole on the wall and use [spacebar] to throw the gnome into it. If you do it right, you will see beans. If not, keep at it and you will get it eventually. There is also a chest. Now return and head for class. Before you enter, look to the right for a crack in the wall. This is another secret area with chest. Now you can enter Lockhart's class.

Level 6 (Floor 4): There will be switch to your right, which is not useful yet because you need to learn the spell for it. So go forward and you will notice two paintings on either side of you. Use your spells on the left one to reveal a small area with beans and chest. Now go forward and use spell on statue to get more beans. To your right, you will enter the hospital wing. Here, notice 4 painting on each corner of the room. Hit all four with your flipendo spell to open a secret passageway in the floor, which contains a chest with a Silver Card (3/40). Now continue on and to your left, you will see a gargoyle. Light it with lumos spell and run down the stairs to your right. Notice above the stairs a step appears. Jump onto it and it leads you to a chest with a Bronze Card (4/50), Now continue down the stairs and you will enter Ms. Pompfrey's office. There is a chest near her desk with another Bronze Card (5/50). Also get beans from the two cauldrons. Now go back to the moving staircase area.