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Bronze Wizard Cards: 4
Silver Wizard Cards: 2
Secret Areas: 4

Level 24: Forbidden Forest

Find Aragog's Lair

[cutscene: Entrance to forest is blocked. Ron must stay behind, so you are on your own]

You begin in a narrow path. In front of you, you will see a gargoyle. When you light this gargoyle, your wand will stay lit for the entire level. When you light the gargoyle, do not use the carpet that is on the ground. Instead, there will be a carpet on top of the tree trunk to your right. Use that to jump to the higher landing on the left. Stun spider. Look at the log there. Cut the web that is holding it there, and it will drop into the pit. Now use the carpet there to get to the opposite side, where there are 2 bowtuckles. To your right, there will be a web covering a chest. Now cut the web holding the log to drop that one as well into the pit below. Now use carpet to go to the ground. Before moving on, go onto the logs that you just dropped. Look to your right and you should see a flipendo shape engraved into the wall. Open it to secret area with a chest and Silver Wizard Card (36/40). Now go back, get chocolate frog on the way, and come into a small area with a huge venemous tentacula. Stun it and run to the other side. Cut the branches blocking your way. Now in the next room, there is a bridge to go to the other side. I would recommend you not go on it because when you get into the middle, the bridge collapses, and there are alot of mushrooms there. So when you enter, quickly jump to the left side. There you will be safe from the gas of the mushroom. There are also 2 gnomes holes to your left that are blocked by branches. Hit them both and 2 gnomes will come out and eat all the mushrooms. Stun the 2 after they are done and throw them into the hole. Get all the beans left behind and go to the opposite end of the room. You should see lit tree trunks. Climb up and proceed to the next area.

Cut the web and stun spider. Cut the second web and squash the tiny spiders. Now cut the last web and approach the next area carefully. A spider will fall near the entrance. Once you have gotten rid of it, proceed to the next area. You will enter a circular area, with a huge tree in the center. Stun 2 pixies that are circling the tree. Now use the carpet to your right to get to the bottom. Enter the tree from the bottom. Drop down to the ground to get frog. Use the carpet to spongify to the top of the tree, where there is a Bronze Card (45/50). Now go down again all the way. and go through the tree and to the other side. Cut the web. Now stun 2 spiders, that are stuck inside webs. Make sure you get rid of all the cobwebs for another secret area. Be careful, however, on the web on the stair. When you get rid of this one, small spiders will pour in. Squash them, and proceed up. At the very top, there will be one more spider stuck in web. Getting rid of this one opens a secret area containing a Silver Card (37/40). Now go back and to your right, there will be a chocolate frog, as well as a chest with a Bronze Card (46/50).

Now use the carpet to spongify to the other side. Keep away from the imps on the landing above, or they will make it difficult for you to get to a secret area. Just stay off the ledges, and in the stream. Under the landing on which they are on, there is an entrance to the secret area, containing a chest. Now go up and get rid of them. Save your game.

Cut the branches blocking a small tunnel. Stun 3 huge spiders (need to be stunned twice). Cut the branches at the end of the tunnel and defeat 3 bowtuckles. Get chocolate frog on the far side. Cut the rope near the tree, which will create stairs for you. Climb up and enter a small area with a flipendo symbol on a sign. Hit the stalactite to make it fall down. On it, there will be a spongify carpet. Use it to get to the upper level. Now you will be in the same area, just on a high level. Use the branches once more to go to the other side, making certain to get the chest on your right, covered with cobweb, containing a Bronze Card (47/50). Jump across the rest of the branches. Now you will come across a very narrow path. At the entrance of this, there is a gnome hole and a chest. First get rid of the web in front of you, then release the gnome trapped in the chest. Take it to where the web was and there will be loads of mushrooms. After it has eaten them, throw the gnome into the hole. Now you will approach a really tall tree. Knock it down with a spell and go across it. When you get to the middle, the tree will fall, but it will get stuck below. Look behind you and you will see a chest behind some branches, which is also a secret area. Inside the chest is a Bronze Card (48/50). Now look ahead. To your right, there will be branches blocking a jar of flubberworm mucous and wiggentree bark. On the left side, there will be a cauldron to make some potions if you need them. Now cut the web that is blocking the large cave. Go in. Level Complete.