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Bronze Wizard Cards: 3
Silver Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas: 1/10

Level 18: Moving Staircase

Go up to Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom to see how Polyjuice Potion is going.

You start in the Moving Staircase Area. Go up the first set of stairs and a cutscene ensues:

(Cutscene: Harry finds Nearly Headless Nick, who has also been Petrified. Professor McGonnagall comes by and finds Harry. She takes him to Professor Dumbledore's office.)

To your left, there is Fawkes, a phoenix. Do not go to him yet. Go straight to Dumbledore's desk, where you will find the Hogwart's hat.

- Cutscene -

Now, go further, below the stairs, and get the chest with a Bronze Card (29/50). Now go up the stairs, and hit the small boxes twice to get beans. Now in the center of the room on the wall, you will notice a switch. Hit it to get access to secret area. Go there and you will be elevated to the top to Dumbledore's studies. Go around, getting beans and Silver Card (25/40). Now go back down and go to Fawkes.

- Cutscene -

Harry comes out of Dumbledore's office and meets Ron.

Before following Ron, turn left into Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. You should find a box of beans, armour and a chest with a Bronze Card (30/50). Also, you can jump onto Professor Lockhart's chair and from there, jump onto the balcony to get more beans. Don't bother hitting the bones above because they will just drop spiders.

Now follow Ron upto the next level. The doors in the corridor should be opened. The left room is the Transfiguration classroom, that contains 2 boxes of beans and a cauldron. The room on your right is Charms classroom. In this room, if you go straight, you should see a single bean. To the left of it is a chest with another Bronze Card (31/50). Now follow Ron to the entrance of Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, and get the cauldron. Now enter the bathroom.

- cutscene -
The polyjuice potion is almost ready. Hermione tells Harry that the last ingredient for the potion is a bit of Goyle. So off Harry goes...

Level Complete