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Bronze Wizard Cards: 1
Silver Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas: 3

Level 16: Greenhouse

Find Shredded Boomslang Skin inside greenhouse

(Lets start of by saying I absolutely hate this level. I believe this is my least favorite level. And with good reason too. onto the walkthrough...)

Alrighty, first cut branches and enter the next area, Here, there are around 3 tentaculas. Get past them and onto a higher ledge with trapped gnome. Let him loose and let him eat mushrooms. Now through him onto the other ledge to eat the other mushrooms. On the other ledge, there are more mushrooms, as well as spiky bushes. Now hit the spiky bush near the exit and cut the vines blocking the door. Run up the stairs, stunning 2 firecrabs on the way. Go across the bridge. Now cut the ropes that will rotate the bridge. Look to your right. There will be a small ledge with beans. Jump there and get onto the bridge and enter the 2nd room. Hit the switch on the floor that opens an area to a gargoyle statue. Cut the ropes to rotate the bridge once more and light the gargoyle. Run across the bridge into the third room and save your game. Now to your right, there should be an invisible wall with a chest containing a Silver Card (21/40).

Cut the branches and you will have entered area with greenhouse. Yet there is no way in from the ground so you will have to get in from above. Get rid of 2 spiky bushes. Also get beans from water pot and chocolate frog. Also, be careful for 2 tentaculas roaming around in this area, as well as more spiky bushes. Now go up the stairs, cutting spider webs and using rictusempra on large spiders on the way (What I like most about these enemies is that once you stun them, they dont come back attack you again). Get chocolate frog. Now get rid of 4 bowtuckles. Do not go into the greenhouse yet. Go further on. Hit the switch on the wall on the other side to secret area with beans. Now go back to the opening in the greenhouse. Step on the switch to make a way into the greenhouse.

Greenhouse: There are alot of goodies here, so get those before you get the boomslang skin. There are 2 water pots, one pot with beans, jar of flubberworm mucous, chest with a Bronze Card (28/50). Now you can get the Shredded Boomslang Skin, located on the center table. Level Complete.