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Bronze Wizard Cards: 4
Silver Wizard Cards:4
Secret Areas: 11

Level 14: Diffindo Challenge

Complete challenge by collecting challenge stars and completion star.

First, cut vines using difindo. Get chest and pot. In the next room, you will find a cauldron. To the left of that is a wall that you can use alohomora to open up a hidden area with chest. Next area, clear the vines to your left, that are blocking a snail switch. Now stun the snail and push him into the switch. Stun the snail in the courtyard and look at the wall above the pillars on both sides. You will notice 4 switches. Hit them all to get to the second secret area containing a chest with a Silver Card (15/40). Now go back, stun the snail again if he is around and then stun the 3rd snail, cut vines, and push him into the switch, as you did the previous one. Collect first challenge star.

Save game. Cut the rope with difindo, which releases a drawbridge into the next area. Here you will find Horklump Mushrooms, which release harmful fumes if you get near. You can either cut them with difindo, or release the gnome to your left. If you release it, it will eat all the mushrooms and leave behind beans. If you wish to get all the secret areas in this level, you may go down the small pit from where you enter, which contains a chest with Peeves inside. After doing so, cut the ropes on both sides of the opposite wall that will make 2 blocks rise in the center. Climb them and get onto the ledge. Enter the room and cut rope to release the second drawbridge. Get down and collect the second challenge star.

Next area, stun 2 pixies, get the chest with a Bronze Card (22/50). Stun the snail, and get jar of flubberworm mucous to your left and box to your right. Further ahead, cut ropes and flipendo block 3 times to open the door to the 3rd challenge star.

Get beans from the pot and armour. In the next area, you will see 3 spiky bushes. Hit them with difindo. Then, hit the block with flipendo on it to get to the room above. Here, cut the rope to start the elevator. Get on it. Cut vines to get to next area. Cut rope, which opens the way to the next area and cut vines again. Jump down and get chocolate frog. Now go through open doors and get 4rth challenge star.

Get beans from armour and watering pot. Save your game. Get beans from cauldron. Cut the web and get onto the platform in front of you. Now cut the rope to your right, which makes the platform move back and forth. Cut the web blocking the ledge ahead and jump onto there, collecting 5th challenge star.

Squash any pesky teeny spiders. Use lumos on the gargoyle and run up the stairs and you will see yet another platform. DO NOT CUT THE ROPE YET!!!!!! Pass that and you will see another hidden secret area containing 6th challenge star.

Now cut the rope and the platform will fall, creating a bridge. Again, light the gargoyle, and collect the 7th challenge star.

Turn to your right and you will see another invisible wall created by the gargoyle. Inside is another secret area. There will be a chest with a Bronze Card (23/50). Now go up the stairs and you will enter a room with a block. Hit the block so it falls out of the hole in the room. Now go back to the gargoyle and you will find that same block. Hit it again and this time, it will reveal a secret area with a chest containing and Silver Card (16/40). Continue on to the next area. Stun the snail and firecrab to your left. Climb up to higher ledge and collect chocolate frog behind block. Get rid of ectoplasm above you. Push block near the ledge above you. Jump in, stun pixie. Ignore the first hole and you will come to a block being held up by a rope. Cut the rope, which makes the box fall into the previous room. Because the box is so heavy (and the floor beneath it was cracked), the box falls even further down. Jump in after it, but be careful, you might loose stamina because of the fall. Collect 8th challenge star.

Stun pixie. Jump quickly over the ledges because they will move into the wall. Save your game. In this next area, you have 2 choices. You can either cut all the mushrooms yourself or release the 3 gnomes to your right and let them do your job. If you decide to get rid of them yourself, I would highly recommend that you cut a group of them and use them to throw at the other mushrooms. This cuts more mushrooms faster than you hitting them individually. You may also get chocolate frog.
Go over ledge and enter a new area. There you will meet a 3 venemous tentacula. (One of my least favorite enemies). You have 2 options with this creature. It has 2 tentacles and one mouth in the center. You can either hit one of the tentacles, which only stuns that tentacle, or you can aim for the mouth in the center, which will stun the entire thing. But be careful. This enemy only stays stunned for a few seconds, just enough for you to pass by. To the right of the first tentacula is a chocolate frog. Now pass the other two. Get chest with beans. Climb the stairs, passing another tentacula. Collect 9th challenge star.

Now, you will come to a platform that is being held up by 2 ropes. Only cut the rope that is closest to you. Once that side of the platform falls, jump onto it and onto the ledge from here. From above, you can see 2 bowtuckles. Before going down, use alohomora on large stone with design to open it to a secret area. Go in and get pots, chest with Silver Card (17/40), water pots, and the 10th challenge star.

Now go back down the ledge and get rid of the two bowtuckles. Collect the wiggentree bark they leave behind. Cut the ropes on the second platform to lower it and create a bridge. Next area, there are 2 bowtuckles on the ledge above. You can either go up there to get rid of them, if you want bark, or you can just pass them and save your game. Now, you will enter another area with 4 snails. On either side of the building in the center, there is a snail switch that is covered in vines. Cut them, and push 2 snails into them, watching out for the other 2. There is also a jar of flubberworm mucous on the far left side of the yard. After placing the 2 snails into the switches, the door to the building opens. As soon as you enter, look above you and you will see a switch on the beam above. Hit it to lower the 11th challenge star.

Now to your right is a gargoyle, which I have no idea what it does. Go to your left, get rid of the ectoplasm. Go through the tunnels, cutting vines and there should be a bowtuckle in there as well. Now, you will enter another area with lots of webs. After cutting them, there should be a bunch of small spiders that come at you. Squash them. After going up the stairs, collect chocolate frog, beans from cauldron, and 12th challenge star.

Cut the 2 ropes to make a bridge across the pit. Right after crossing the bridge, hit the alcove in front of you to open to another secret area, containing ectoplasm and a chest with a Bronze Card (24/50). Next area, stun 3 tentaculas, and collect beans if you want. Now get beans from cauldron and 13th challenge star.

Squash spiders. Use alohomora again on the alcove with the flower pattern to open to a secret area containing a chest with a Bronze Card (25/50). Cut spiderweb and squash spiders. Get beans from cauldron and save your game. Next area is a long hallway. Stun snail roaming around and get chocolate frog and pot. Light the gargoyle and run through the now invisible wall. Go through to the other doorway. Collect 14th and final challenge star.

A snail will appear. Push it into the switch nearby. Now in the next part of the hallway, look to your left. There should be a large lightning shaped crack in the wall. Hit it to open to a secret area. As you go further into the hallway, 3 snails will drop into the hallway. Stun 2, and throw them into the hole nearby. As for the 3rd snail, stun it and push it to the secret area you just opened and through it into the switch. This will reveal a chest with a Silver Card (18/40). Now go on ahead, get chocolate frog, and you will come to the final room. Before getting the star, you can get jar of mucuos. Now collect the completion star. Level Complete.

(Redo level for better timing. For the second time, skip all the walkthrough in red)