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Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas: 2
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Level 8: Incendio Challenge II

Collect challenge stars
  • Begin the level by hitting the chest on the side. Notice the door in front of you, plus two switches on each side. Behind each switch is a gnome. Go on ahead and to your right is a giant tentacula. On the other side is a closed gate, which you need to open. To do this, hit the tentacula and run past it to the switch on the other side. Hit the switch, and hit the tentacula once more and run back, and the gate will be opened for you. Collect the 6th challenge star and save.
  • Hit the statue 4 times for beans. In the next room, there are several spiky bushes. Hit them and get all the goodies from the corner of the rooms. Behind all the spiky bushes are two blocks which you move with flipendo. Moving them reveals switches you must hit. Hit the switches and go through room, collecting a chocolate frog. The next room is rather blue and has three gaint tentaculas. Ahead is a locked door which is opened with a switch. The switch is located in a room between the two tentaculas to your right. Hit the one closest to you and run into the room. Climb up and you will see the switch. But do not stop here. Keep climbing and you will see a chest and the 7th challenge star.
  • Go back to the blue room and go throught the doors. Collect a chocolate frog and save. In the next room is a maze made of hedges. As you go through, hit all the tentaculas. When you get to the switch, do not stop! Keep going and you will see a climbing step. Climb up onto the hedge and look to the opposite side of the room. There should be a chest with a wizard card (11/25). Collect it and return to the area with the switch and door. Hit the switch to open door. Collect 8th challenge star.
  • In the next room, there is a fountain without water in the middle, with four flipendo symbols on the sides. Hit all of them and it will cause the water to go into the fountain. It will also open the door ahead. Ahead you will meet Professor Sprouts. Level Complete.