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Wizard Cards: 2
Secret Areas: 7

Level 4: Wingardium Leviousa Lesson

Attend Charms with Professor Flitwick, located on the fifth floor
  • Begin the level by going straight to a locked door. There you will meet Hermione, who will teach you Alohomora: ability to open locked things. After completing the lesson, use the spell to open the door in front of you. Inside, there are two secret areas to find. The first is the statue to your right. Hit it with Flipendo to open a secret room (1). Inside, you will find a wizard card (3/25).

  • Return to the room and this time hit the bookcase. Go into the next room and use alohomora on the chest and the mirror(secret area #2). Inside is a chocolate frog. Open the locked door and open the painting in front of you to open the 3rd secret area, containing a chest. Return to the room and open the unlocked door. You will see Hermione running to class, but do not follow yet. To your right are 3 bookcases. Use Alohomora on the middle one to open the 4rth secret area. Inside is a chest. Then return and on the other side of the room are two statues. Hit them both 4 times and then hit the painting between them to open the 5th secret area. Inside is one bean. When you touch the bean, the wall in front of you will open. It will have 2 chests with beans. After collecting that, go to the left side of the statues, where there is a cauldron. After collecting all that, save your game and attend class.

  • In class, you will learn Wingardium Leviosa: ability to levitate objects. Complete Professor Flitwick's lesson and follow him to the challenge. In the room, there will be a block and a plate. Use your spell to levitate the block onto the plate, opening the door in front of you. Go through the door and through the hallway, knocking over a cauldron on the way. BE CAREFUL! At the end of the hallway is a bookcase. As you approach, it will open and let 2 gnomes loose. Get rid of them and go into the open room. Hit the switch to open a door in the hallway. Enter the door and collect the first challenge star.

  • Save game. After the stairs is a small room with 2 cauldrons, 1 chest, and 2 loose beans. Collect everything and enter next room. In this room is several items. There are two cauldrons on both sides of the room. In the center is a statue and 2 blocks. Notice that the plates are behind the locked gates. Collect beans from the statue and notice two blocks with the flipendo symbol. Behind both is are 2 gnome. (If you have not mastered hitting a gnome, you may hit them from where the statue is because it is a higher place and the gnomes cannot reach you) After getting rid of both the gnomes, hit the switches that were behind the block. This will open the locked gates to the plates. Now use Wingardium Leviosa on the two blocks to move them onto the plates in order to open the door. Collect the second challenge star.

  • Now go into the open area. Turn left to collect the 3rd challenge star in the corner. Now go right and levitate the block onto the plate. This will cause a block to begin moving. Save game and jump onto the moving block and then onto the ledge. Collect the 4rth challenge star.
  • Now go to your right and again move the block onto the plate. This will open the 6th secret room. Inside is a switch and a mirror. Hit the switch and then the mirror, which is the 7th secret area. Inside the mirror, climb up to a room with 3 chests and the 5th challenge star. The middle chest contains a wizard card (4/25) . Get the star and fall through the hole. This time, go left. To the right is a chest. Then, move the block onto the plate to move a block. Jump onto the moving block. To your left is another block with the 6th challenge star. Go back onto the moving block and jump onto the other ledge. You have completed the challenge. Professor Flitwick awards you points and leaves. Before leaving, move the block on the right side onto the plate on the left. This will open the bookcase to the 7th secret room. Collect the beans from the chest and exit through the door. Level Complete.