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Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas: 1

Level 23: Sneak Down From Tower

Use the invisibility cloak to avoid Filch and and Mrs. Norris

Same thing again, except this time, Filch has enlisted Mrs. Norris, his cat, to help him patrol, meaning a more difficult time for you.

  • You will come back to the previous room with the bridge. You see Filch leaving. When you get halfway across the bridge, another cutscene occurs. Mrs. Norris comes through a door and Filch wants her help. So they leave through the door to patrol the library. Follow them, opening two locked doors on your way and you will enter the library. Filch knows that someone is here so he tells Mrs. Norris to patrol on top of the bookcases, while he guards the exiting door. Be careful. Don't use your magic, or go near Mrs. Norris, or she will catch you. So here goes. Knock over the bookcase with the flipendo symbol. When Norris is gone, jump onto the balcony. Then run to the other side of the balcony and jump across the bookcases to get to the balcony on the other side. Do this when Mrs. Norris is elsewhere. In the next room, go down the stairs and you will see a locked door. Open it from a place where you can't see Filch. Enter the door and save game.

  • In the next area, run past the first set of bookcases and you will see Filch. He's pretty angry now, so be cautious. Run to your right, as there is another area there. Hit the bookcase with the flipendo symbol. You will meet Nearly Headless Nick. Follow him to get to the next area. For more details, he will take you to the previous area, where you will have to jump a bookcase to get to the left side of the room. Then he will take you to an area where you need to jump two bookcases straight. In the area after that, you need to get to the other side of the balcony. After doing so, open the door and you will have entered a room with the Mirror of Erise.
    Cut Scene: Harry sees his family in the mirror and Dumbledore enters, explaining to Harry that the mirror shows only one's deepest desire. He also tells Harry that the mirror will be moved into a new location and to not go looking for it again.
  • Now go back and open door. You will see Filch upset and going to guard the only exit. He goes through a secret passageway through the bookcases. Follow him, and open the bookcases with your alohomora spell. In the area ahead, save your game and look to your left. There will be a mirror, which is the access to secret area. Use alohomora to open it up and get the goodies inside. Now it is time to exit. Open a door and enter another section of the library. Climb ontop of the table and onto the balcony. Open the door and now you have entered the last area of the level.
  • Filch definitely knows someone is here so he and Mrs. Norris begin to patrol. In this area, there are 4 rooms connected to it, two on each side. Straight ahead are the doors to exit, but they are blocked by weights. So quietly go to each of the four rooms and you will see a block and a platform. Use wingardium leviousa to move the block onto the platform. When you do, the weights move up. Once you have completed all 4 rooms, Filch and Mrs. Norris run to the door and are guarding it. When you return to the main room, Peeves comes blasting through the doors and Filch runs after him, meaing you only need to deal with Mrs. Norris. Now notice that there are vases in the middle of the room. Go to a place where Mrs. Norris can't see you and hit a vase. Mrs. Norris runs to investigate, so run from another direction into the door.
  • In the next part, you will meet Fred and George. Give them 25 beans and they will give you a wizard card (23/25). Level Complete.

Cut Scene: Harry reaches top of tower and gives the dragon to Charlie.

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