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Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas: 1

Level 22: Sneak Up to the Tower

Use the invisibility cloak to avoid Filch and meet Ron's brother Charlie

You need to avoid Filch and get the dragon up to the tower. Beware, if Filch catches you, you must start the level over again. Also, when using magic, you are no longer invisible, so if Filch is around, you will get caught! So here goes.

  • You begin right outside the door. Harry walks in and sees Filch. The door shuts behind him and Filch searches for intruders. Seeing none, he walks on. Now quietly follow him, and make sure you keep a good distance from him. You enter a room full of bookcases. At the back of the room, there is a locked door which you need to open. So when Filch is away from you, run to the other side of the room. If you notice, there are beans on the top of the bookcases. If you are in need of some, there is a little step ladder near the middle bookcase that you may use. (Note: If you are nervous about using magic, you may do it safely from the top of the bookshelves. Filch hardly ever sees you if you are visible on top of the bookshelf. After unlocking the door, wait a few minutes as Filch runs toward the door and looks around. When he leaves, run through the door and save your game with the save book to your left. Now, head onto your left and the door behind you will shut. Filch gets suspicious and exits the room by a secret way through the bookcases.
  • Now go up the steps and open another door. Continue in and there is Filch again. Notice the flipendo switch near the bookcases when you enter. Use your spell to hit it, which triggers the bolts to open from the door on the other side of the room. This also causes Filch to run to the door and scream "Intruder", so don't worry. Wait until he is calm and out of sight and run past the first set of bookcases. To your right, you will notice another step ladder. Get onto the bookshelf and if you want, you may collect the beans from around you. Also, on the corner right side of the room, there is another switch that you must hit in order for the door to open. It is safest to hit it from the bookshelve because Filch will not catch you easily. Again, Filch will run like a lunatic towards the door. Once he leaves, run through the doors and they will shut behind you, and Filch will again go through a secret passageway. Save your game. Unlock the door and enter the next area.
  • Now this area is a bit tricky, so pay attention. Notice a bookshelf in front of you with a flipendo symbol. You will need to knock it down later, but if you want, you can do so now and save the trouble. When Filch is away, run to your left. You will soon see a locked door to your left. Unlock it and quickly run inside as Filch runs in to investigate. Wait until he leaves and then hit the switch inside. This opens a door on top of the bookcases in the room. Now is the time to go to that bookcase with the flipendo symbol. If you haven't already, hit the bookcase and it will lean over. Climb on it to get on top of the bookcases. Now jump around and go through the door you opened. Inside, hit the switch, which raises the gates to a locked door below. Filch comes running and then leaves. When he is gone, jump down and open the door. Run inside and wait for Filch to run over and look. When he leaves, hit the switch inside and another door above the bookcases opens. Run back up to the bookcases and go through the second door. Hit the switch and it will open the door to the exit of this area. It also triggers Filch to investigate. Once he is done, run through the doors.
  • Now the next series of rooms are all in which you will be using a series of light stairs. This is the first area. To your right is another switch. Hit it and this causes the gates to open in room of the second door you entered above the bookcase. Run back to that room and light the gargoyles in the room. This causes light stairs to appear in the first area. Run back to there and climb the stairs and go into the second area. Here, you need to fall down and in this room there will be a switch which gives you access to the first area. There is also a gargoyle that you must light in order to create some light stairs here. After doing so, run back to the first area and climb the stairs again. This time, in the second area, jump onto the light platforms that were created and go into the third area, which contains a gargoyle. Light it, and it will create a light platform for you to reach the 4rth area. Once you get there, don't go any further! If you look down, you will notice a large portrait of a man as well as a chest. Fall down and in the chest is a wizard card (22/25). On the other side of the room is a switch. Hit it and you return to the first area. Jump all the platforms, as well as the ones in the 4rth area. (If you cannot find the portrait, look for the save book. Dont touch it though because the gap right before it is where the wizard card is located).
  • Open the locked door and save game. The portrait in front of the save game book is a secret area, so use alohomora on the portrait to open it. Inside is a chest with some beans. Now go into the next room, which contains several light platforms. Use them to get to the top. Once you have landed on the highest platform, Filch will appear. Wait until he leaves and then jump onto the ledge. Run past him and into the door straight ahead of you. There is a switch there. Hit it, which causes the bridge in the room to turn and face the entrance to the tower. By this time, Filch knows what you are up to and stands guard at the entrance. Now run halfway through the bridge and Peeves will arrive. He breaks one of 4 vases that are near the entrance. Filch runs there and curses Peeves. This is a hint of what to do. Now when Filch returns, wait until hes not looking at you and hit one of the other vases. This causes Filch to run there and you can run into the entrance of the tower. Level Complete.

Cut Scene: Harry reaches top of tower and gives the dragon to Charlie.

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