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Wizard Cards: 0
Secret Areas: 3
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Level 2: Flipendo Challenge

Collect challenge stars
  • Begin the level by entering the room with Professor Quirell. He will show you a barrell that you must move. Use your Flipendo Spell to knock the barrell down the hall. Do this twice and go through the hallway to the next room. In there, Quirell will tell you to knock over a cauldron. Knock it over with your flipendo spell and collect 3 beans. There is also another cauldron on the other side of the room, with 2 beans. Then, use the spell to hit the switch with the flipendo symbol on it. This will open a door near the room, which contains the first challenge star.

  • Run back and go through a hallway and over a bridge and continue until you reach the ledge where the entrance to the room where the switch was. On the right, there is another switch. Hit it and this causes the bridge that you just crossed to move. Go through the hallway again and across the bridge and collect the second challenge star.

  • Go through the hallway and enter a room with a book on the left side. Go to the book and you will meet Nearly Headless Nick, the Gryffindor house ghost. Touch the book to save your game. Next, hit the vase to you right and collect 1 bean. Then at the end of the room there are two switches on both sides of the room. Hit them both and they will open the door ahead. You will enter in a hallway with 3 switches.First go and knock the cauldron over. Then, hit all three switches to open the door to the 3rd challenge star.

  • Collect that and 4 beans. Continue down to the next room, where Quirell waits for you. In the hallway next to him, there is a block with the flipendo symbol on it. Use your spell and hit the block twice. Climb it and then onto the ledge. Do this again for the next block. Enter the next room and hit the vase on your left. Collect the bean and then turn to your right. Save your game and hit the second vase. Go down the hallway and knock the block into the gap ahead. Jump onto the block and then to the hallway ahead. Run down it and you will see another taller block. Hit that and go to your left. Climb and hit the cauldron. There will also be a switch here. Hit it and it will open a door above the block you just moved. Jump onto the block and then onto the ledge, and collect the 4rth challenge star.

  • Get down and enter the hallway to the right with another tall block. Move it into the gap ahead. Jump onto the block, then turn right onto a ledge. Collect the 5th challenge star.

  • Hit the switch on your left, which will cause the block ahead to move. Jump onto the block and then to the next ledge. Hit the second switch and jump onto the next moving block. Hit the switch to your left and jump to the next moving block. The switch you had just hit opens a door next to it. Jump into that room and collect the 6th challenge star, plus hit the cauldron.

  • Jump back onto the moving block and then onto the ledge. Hit the switch and jump to the next moving block. Jump again to the next one and to your right there will be a room with a tall block in front of it. Knock it over twice and jump into the room. Climb up and collect the 7th challenge star, plus 4 beans.

  • Go back onto the moving block. Jump next onto a still block and hit the switch. Jump onto the last moving block and jump onto the ledge. Go through the doorway into a hall. Save and enter the next room. There will be three gnomes in this room on all sides. Hit them all (hint: you know you will be able to hit them if they start sparkling) After that, collect the last challenge star, plus knock 2 vases. Go through the room that opened. There you will meet Professor Quirell, who will award you another 20 points for Gryffindor. Level Complete.

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