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Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas: 2

Level 18: Potion Challenge

Find Potion Ingredients (Continued from level 17)
  • This is a continuation of the previous level. You start in a tower. Look to your right. There are three ledges there, and they move in and out of the walls. Watch their movements a few times to get the pattern down. If you need assistance, here is how it goes. Wait for the first ledge to come back out of the wall. Quickly jump onto the ledge, and the second ledge will go inside the wall. Wait for it to come back out and jump quickly onto the second ledge. The third ledge will go down so wait for it to come back out and then jump onto it and then jump quickly onto the next platform. Here you will find a gargoyle and a save game book. Use your lumos spell to create light plates for stairs. Jump the stairs and you will enter the center of the tower. Collect the 3rd challenge star.
  • Inside the tower, to your right is a chest with beans. To your left is a switch, which raises the gates in the center of the tower containing the third plant. Yet you can't reach that now so hit the switch and then go back down to the gargoyle that you had previously lit. Now ahead is another three moving ledges. Do the same as before and you will land on a platform with another gargoyle. Save your game and use lumos spell on the gargoyle. This will create two plates to another part of the center tower. Jump the plates and enter the inside. Now you have access to the third plant, Flobberworm Mucus.
  • Collect it and follow the path until you reach a raised platform with a switch. Place yourself on the platform and hit switch to raise it to the next landing. Now, hit the switch behind you and this will cause the block ahead you of to move. Jump onto the block and then onto the next ledge. Go up the stairs and you will meet the Bloody Baron once more. You need him in this part of the level to gain access to the first secret area. The area is a large sqare room with a large cage around the center. There are two gate on either side on the left side of the room, as well as two chests. The Bloody Baron is the only one who can open those gates. Wait for him to come by and follow him into the first gate. Use alohomora on the locked door to your left to enter the first secret area containing a chest. Now wait for the Bloody Baron to return and follow him back out. Now go through the door that was on the right side of the entrance. Now use lumos spell on the gargoyle, to make light plates. Jump over the gap using them to land on the other side and save game. Now you will enter another hallway similar to the one in which you first saw the Bloody Baron. There will be a door to the right and a gate straight ahead. This time, however, you run towards the gate that the Bloody Baron comes from. Go through those gates that he opens and run through the hallway until you reach a statue to your right. Hit the statue to reveal the second secret area, which also contains a wizard card (21/25).
  • Exit the secret area and turn to your right and get the chest. After doing so, run back to the closed gates and wait for the Baron to return and open the gates for you. Now go through the door to your left. In the next room, fall to the lower ledge. There will be a movable block there. Move it to the other side of the room, where the second ledge is. Climb up to the ledge and collect the last plant, Dissany.
  • Now go straight and you will be back in your potions class. All the students are gone and to show his appreciation, Professor Snape takes another 3 points off for taking so long. Fun. Level Complete.

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