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Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas: 0

Level 1: Hogwarts Entrance

Attend Defense Against the Dark Arts class with Professor Quirell, located on the third floor

You begin the level by entering into the main hall. There, you will meet Professor Dumbledore, the headmaster. After a conversation with him, run up the stairs and meet Ron Weasley. He will lead you to his brothers. Fred and George Weasley. They will give you a "secret" lesson on basic movements.

The first is climbing. Follow their instructions and climb 2 bookcases, while collecting Bertie Bott Beans. In the next room, you will learn to jump. There are a series of bookcases that you must jump to. If you fall, just follow a hallway back up to the room. On the third bookcase, you will meet Peeves, the poltergeist, who Fred and George warns Harry that he doesn't like first years. Continue onto the next room, where Fred and George ask you for 25 beans. Since you don't have that many, search the room. There will be 3 on each side of you, plus a few on the floor. Move ahead to where the bookcases are, and there you will find more beans and a chocolate frog (chocolate frogs revive your health a bit).

After collecting enough beans, go to Fred and George, and they will give you a wizard card (1/25), plus open a secret passage above the bookcases. Go up the passage and you will enter the third floor. The right side is where your class is and on the left is the forbidden corridor, which is protected by the janitor, Filch. Go right, and there you will meet one of your nemesis, Malfoy, with his two thugs Crabbe and Goyle. After threatening you, he will go to class. Go to the door and you will meet Hermione. She will lead you to the class.

In this lesson, you will learn the Flipendo Spell. This allows you to disarm opponents, as well as knock things down and hit switches. Professor Quirell will make the symbol of the spell, and you must copy it as best as you can. You will get four tries. If you fail on one of the tries, you stop there. First you must complete at least 50%, then 65%, 80%, and then 95%. After completing the lesson, you follow Quirell to face the Flipendo Challenge. Level Complete.