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Level 25: Aragog's Lair

Defeat Aragog

[Long Cutscene: Harry enters a circular room with several spiders. The leader, Aragog, comes down and tells Harry the story of its life. Then it tells its children to kill Harry.]

There are two parts to this fight. The first is you must run around the room, and cut the webs that are on the wall. This will make the web fall that Aragog is on at the top. But be careful. As you cut the webs, spiders will come from the hole in the center of the room. The best thing to do is cut the webs and when the spiders come, just jump over them because there are alot of them and it is very difficult to get them all without getting bitten.

After you have cut all the web, Aragog falls and it is time to battle him. There is a Rictusempra symbol underneath him which you must hit. Circle around the room. When you stop, he will attack. When he stands up, hit him with a spell. But be careful of his web attack. After a few hits, he will fall.

(There is an easier way to beat him, although it takes much longer and it does not always work. What you can do is just keep running around him and hit him with your spell. It does not have as big of an impact as it would if you hit his belly, but he does get hurt and you also don't get hurt because as long as you keep moving, he will not attack you).

After you have defeated him, Ron comes with his dad's flying car. Harry jumps in and they are off to the school.