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Bronze Wizard Cards: 1
Silver Wizard Cards: 1
Secret Areas: 6

Level 23: Hogwart Grounds: Night II

Follow Ron to Hagrid's Hut

(Once again, you are out at night. Now remember, both night and day has its own set of secret areas. So if you visited some in the day time, be sure to do so again at night as well so you get all the secret areas)

You are out at night and have to follow Ron to talk to Hagrid. When starting out, turn right and look for carpet on ground. Use it to get to secret area with Bronze Card (43/50). Now go down the steps to where the diffindo challenge is. Open the lightning shaped wall and cut branches. Ligh gargoyle and go back up the stairs, and to the wall on the other side. Climb up and turn right. You will see one block that looks out of place. Jump on it to open a secret area right in front of you. Get out of the secret area and go to where you opened the other secret area. There, you will find a carpet. Spongify to get to the high landing, containing a Silver Card (35/40). Now follow Ron to Hagrid's Hut. Level Complete.