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Bronze Wizard Cards: 2
Silver Wizard Cards: 3
Secret Areas: 8

Level 20: A Bit of Goyle

Find Goyle

First, climb the stairs. You will be in an entrance of a small courtyard. There will be 2 bowtuckles, as well as some horklump mushrooms. After getting rid of all those, Hit branches that were close to mushrooms. Behind it should be a flipendo switch. Hit that as well to create stairs in the previous area that leads to beans. Before going there, get chest with Bronze Card (32/50). Now, hit the block in the previous room to the wall with the ledges. Climb up, collecting beans as you go. Get rid of branches, which draws a bridge. Continue, and get rid of cobweb. Now you will be on top of a long rectangular room. Jump lighty onto the beam ahead with beans. Cut the cobweb blocking entrance to the fireplace. Jump in. Notice to your left, there is a block with a flipendo symbol. Jump to the opposite ledge and hit the block so that it falls into the room. Now climb down carefully and enter the room. Move the block to the bookshelves to your right. Now behind the small wall to the left of the bookshelves, there should be a gargoyle. Use lumos to light it and run up onto the block and onto the bookshelves. Now you will see that a part of the wall has become invisible. Jump into the secret area with a Silver Card (26/40). Get back down, and climb the stairs. Save your game.

Go through the small corridor, squashing the small spiders. In the next area, you will see for the first, and not the last time, a rather larger firecrab than you are used to. This one needs at least 2-3 hits to get it on its back. But I do believe that once you get it on its back, it cant get back up. After stunning the firecrab, knock it off the platform on which it is standing. On the platform, there should a foot switch that opens to the next area. In the next area is a gnome. Get rid of it and to your left, you should see a cobweb. Cut it to enter another secret area, with a chest containing a Silver Card (27/40).

Now enter door with cobweb. Climb up and push block to area outside. Get rid of spiky bushes above. Release gnome to eat mushrooms. Climb up and light gargoyle. Behind you, the wall should have become invisible. There are only a bunch of spiky bushes. Now go back and jump into room. In here should be a chocolate frog, and a jar of flubberworm mucous. Lumos gargoyle and run ahead and get beans. Pass the tentaculas, getting beans from cauldron and chest that are down the stairs where the tentaculas are. Go into open window Cut cobweb on door. Come outside and get 2 chocolate frogs. Now, climb down from where the ledge is. Stun 2 snails and enter the door. Once in, there will be 2 firecrabs released into that room. Stun them and push them into the switches. Then the ground will elevate a bit and then 2 snails will appear. Do the same with them and the floor will elevate some more, revealing a chest with a Bronze Card (33/50). Now hit the cobweb on the window to open it and you will be back where you started. There should be another open window to get in. Save your game. You will be in a library. Stun pixie that is flying about. Go forward and turn to your left. Cut cobweb that is on one of the bookshelves. It opens up to a gargoyle. Light it and run back out, and one of the bookshelves should be invisible. Stun pixie inside. Open lock that has chest. Now go to the end of the room, and cut the cobweb. Now for the next area, I would recommend you run backwards because the floor will collapse, and you will be stuck with a firecrab. If you walk forward, when the floor collapses, the firecrab will be behind you and already shooting fireballs. After stunning it, push it into the switch, which will elevate the floor again. Now as you go forward, look to your right. There should be a lock. Use alohomora on it to open. Go up stairs and there will be a gargoyle. Before lighting it, stun the pixie and go to the opposite side of the room, where there is another gargoyle. Behind it, there should be a chest with a Bronze Card (34/50). Now go back to the first gargoyle.

Lighting it will cause the floor below to disappear, showing a staircase. Run back down and go down those staircase. You will enter the lower level of the next room. You should also see 3 wheels with flipendo switches on them. These switches open the doors to the right and left side of the room. To open the left door, hit the switches so that they are red. This should open one of the doors. Go up the stairs and into the room that you just opened. Inside, there should be a chest containing a Bronze Card (35/50). Go back down and this time, hit the switches so the blocks turn blue. This should open the other door. Go through that door and get chest and chocolate frog. Now go ahead.

After doing all this, go finally through the center door. There, you should find a pixie. Get rid of the ectoplasm lying around and watch out for the pits. Do not open chest, as it only as Peeves. Now as you go ahead, you will find a gargoyle. Light it and it will open up a secret area for you. It will have a chest with 3 chocolate frogs. Now save your game. Cut web, and climb up, stunning a pixie. Enter the attic. To your right, there will be teeny spiders, as well as a chest and cauldron. To your left is the exit. Cut the rope and go down. Below, there is a gnome and a bowtuckle. After getting rid of them, climb up to where the spiky bush is. There is also a chest behind the tree here. Go across to the entrance that is being guarded by 2 tentaculas. Cut the rope above, which draws a bridge between them. Go down and go into the door. There will be 2 bowtuckles there. After ridding of them, hit the rope above to get a chest with a Silver Card (28/40). Now follow the small stream. You should find a firecrab. Stun it and lumos the gargoyle. On the opposite side of the stream, a part of the wall should have become invisible, with a chest inside. Now go back and follow the path. Stun snails on your way. Open the door and you should find Goyle sleeping. Before going to him, look around. To your right, there will be cauldron. Now approach Goyle. Level Complete.