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Bronze Wizard Cards: 2
Silver Wizard Cards: 2
Secret Areas: 4/8

Level 15: Hogwart Grounds

Follow Ron to Greenhouse to get 2nd ingredient, Shredded Boomslang Skin

You will come out of the diffindo challenge, which is right outside in the Hogwart's Ground. Now look right in front of you and you will see a lightning shaped crack in the wall. Use alohomora to open it. Cut the vines in front of you and you will find a chest with a Bronze Card (26/50). Now light the gargoyle and run up the stairs. You will meet Ron and after a brief cutscene, do not follow him. Run to the wall to your right where the girl is who trades items for beans. You will find that part of the wall has turned invisible. Run inside to secret area and there you will find a chest with a Silver Card (19/40). Now go to where the other girl is, near the benches, and open the wall by hitting the switch. Cut the branches to get to a new area with beans and chest. Now go to Fred and if you have 700 beans (which you should if you completed everything and done all the challenges twice), get the Nimbus 2001. Now if you want, you can get some more points by competing in the Quidditch games that are to your left. If not, follow Ron to the area where the Greenhouse is located. Now when you enter, look to your left, where there should be boy that is trading items. Look above the doorway you just entered and you should see a switch. Open it to another secret area, containing horklump mushrooms, a trapped gnome and a chest with a Silver Card (20/40). Now follow Ron up to the greenhouse. But before entering the door, turn right. Cut the vines that leads to secret room containing a chest with a Bronze Card (27/50). Also get chest outside this area. Now cut the vines blocking the door and go inside. Level Complete.