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o Professor Dumbledore: Well...he doesn't really do much in the game. You only see him when you first begin the game.
o Hermione Granger: Hermione is Harry's friend and helps him throughout the game. She teaches him the alohomara spell in level 4 and helps Harry along the way.
o Ron Weasley: He doesn't help really, but since he is Harry's best friend... :)
o Fred and George Weasley: now here are a couple of troublemakers. Twin brothers of Ron, they are always getting into mischief. Yet in the game, they are set to make an interesting "experiment". They will continue to pop about, asking Harry for 25 Bertie Bott beans. If you give them that, they will give you a wizard card.
o Neville Longbottom: Neville is a Gryffindor and a friend of Harry. He appears a few times in the game, usually when he loses his Remembrall
o Nearly Headless Nick: the Gryffindor house ghost. He is friendly and helps Harry alot throughout the game.

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*sigh* what game would be complete if there weren't foes that just got on your nerves once in a while :)

o Gnomes: In my opinion, one of the peskiest things in the whole game. They are little and not very cute. They will stand in a corner until you approach them, and then they come at you. They don't really hurt you, but they always steal 3 beans from you. The most annoying thing about them is that they come in groups of 2 or more. If you see one, get ready to see more.
Spell: Flipendo

o Poisonous Tentaculas - these look like the Venus Fly Trap. They are mostly found in the levels after Second Floor Landing. They usually snap at you. Some may snap at you once and then wait a moment, and others will snap more than that. What you should do is wait and watch how many times they snap and  run about them accordingly.
Spell: Incendio (note: this spell will only disarm them momentarily, so if needed, you might have to hit them again)

o Spiky Bushes: Name says all. These are bushes with, yes, spikes. They will shoot out the spikes if you get to close.
Spell: Incendio (be careful! when you hit them, the spikes will shoot out)

o Doxies: Another annoying foe. These are sort of like . They will fly at you and will keep attacking you until you hit them. They are rather annoying if you don't    hit them before they reach you.
Spell: Incendio

o Snails: These snails ahave thorns on their shell, so be careful! There slime trail also can hurt you. When hit with the spell, they stop only momentarily.
Spell: Flipendo

o Filch and Mrs. Norris: Now here is the dream team you have been waiting for :)
 Filch is the grumpy janitor and Mrs. Norris, his trusty cat. These 2 are a big nuisance in the levels "Sneak" and "Sneak 2" Filch is determined to find the person sneaking around school and he won't stop until he    does, with the help of his cat, Mrs. Norris, of course.
Spell: Sorry...can't rid of him (darn). You just have to "sneak" by him....get to close, and he will catch you.

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o Malfoy: is the boy that we love to hate. You must battle him twice, but he is very easy to beat

   Second Floor Landing: He appears when you try to leave the school to get to your Herbology class. He will not let you pass until you defeat him, so get    ready. He throws wizards crackers at you and all you have to do is grab them and throw them back at him using [space bar]. Be careful though. Do not    touch the crackers until they hit the ground. He also throws 2 kinds of crackers. One that explode immediately, and others that take a while. If you are not    good with hitting him, go for the crackers that take a while. But if you are an expert, go for the others as well. After 3-4 hits, he shall leave you.

   Remembrall Chase: Yes...he has stolen Neville's remembrall and the only way you can get it back is if you catch him. This is a fairly easy task. Just go    next to him and keep hitting him until his meter goes down and then press [ctrl] to knock him off his broomstick.

o Peeves the Poltergeist: Peeves, as you can obviously tell, is a poltergeist. And the best part is that he hates first years. Now that sounds good, doesn't it?    Like Malfoy, he comes twice, and like Malfoy, is fairly easy to beat. What he does is that he appears and floats about, then throws something at you. After,    he turns invisible, and moves in a different location, and does the same thing. What you must do is when you can see him properly, use your flipendo spell    on him. But make sure you're close enough to hit him. After 3-4 hits, he leaves you alone as well.

o Fluffy: Once you have learned all the spells, you are ready to face the final challenges. Fluffy being one of them. Fluffy is Hagrid's pet and as you will see, a    large 3-headed dog. What you must do is walk up to it and begin playing the flute to one head. As the head dozes off, go to the next head and do the same.    Keep going from head to head and put them all to sleep, and pretty soon, they will all fall asleep. But be careful! If the dog gets angry enough, he will attack    you. So make sure you get out of the way when he looks a bit menacing.

o Devil's Snare: Ron and Hermione are caught and you must set them free. What you must do is hit the tentacles that has a hold of them.As you do, it will    slowly lower them. But be careful. About 6 thorns try to get you as you hit the tentacles, so also hit the thorns.

o Professor Quirell: Okee...last one before you face Voldemort. Be careful! He emits red and green sparks to make sure you go no farther. The red sparks    don't do anything to you, but the green ones are deadly. Once he hits you with it, he will continue to throw them, and he has a very good aim.

o Voldemort: The main villian! He is rather hard to beat cause he emits alot of green sparks at you. You face him in a round room with the mirror of erise in    the center. You must first hit him with the pillars on the end of the room, then use the mirror of erise. What you do is stay on the opposite side of him. When    he stops, use flipendo to reverse the mirror, so that the glass part faces him. With that, he will hit himself. But be careful! He throws 2 different sparks. One    is that shoots straight, and the other is one that follows you for a moment. I believe it takes about 7-8 hits to bring him down.

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